Frequently Asked Questions


What is your average response time?


Typically within 1-4 hours after receiving a service call. This depends on a variety of factors such as traffic, weather and our current work load. Your project manager will give you an updated and accurate time of arrival after speaking with dispatch. We can also work around your schedule and setup a specific time and date to begin work. Keep in mind we give other families the same respect we will give you, and if we’re currently at a job site we cannot leave until it is completed. That being said, we have multiple crews and operate in six different states; we respond quickly.


Will insurance cover the cost of your services?


Generally speaking, yes. The majority of our services are covered by home owners, commercial or auto insurance policies. No company can guarantee your policy will cover their services. Hoarding for instance is an out of pocket cost to our customers. We handle all claims and work with your insurance company before, during and after all work is completed. Rest assured we will work diligently on your behalf to collect payment and avoid any additional costs to our clients.


Can I just have an employee clean up after blood and bodily fluids?

Not unless your employee is trained in blood borne pathogens, you have a blood borne pathogen exposure plan, you give your employee the option for a Hepatitis B vaccine and follow up, you have the proper personal protective equipment, and have the proper method to remove, store, and dispose of bio-hazardous waste. If all of these federal regulations are met, it is technically legal. However, improper cleaning and disinfection of blood and bodily fluid leaves a myriad of problematic issues. Without proper training, bacteria and pathogens are left behind causing odor and the possibility for exposure. OSHA is known to fine companies that do not follow these principals, and your employee is also able to hold you responsible for legal action.


My insurance agent recommended a restoration company, should I hire them?


You have the right to hire any company of your choice. That being said; we urge you to hire a company that specializes in bio-hazard remediation and not water and fire restoration. Even if that company isn’t us. The problem is most restoration, cleaning and janitorial companies use your loss as a “filler” to keep their employees busy and to make profit. They have little understanding or care for your specific and unique situation, nor the knowledge to return your property back to a safe and liveable condition. The bottom line is you want to hire a company that has your best interest involved and works for YOU, not the insurance company.


We are afraid the Ebola Virus will hit our State, are you prepared for this?


Yes, we currently work with several medical facilities, companies, organizations and even the Department of Health in States that we service. We have contracts and contingency plans readily available that cover not only the Ebola Virus, but several other infectious diseases and incidents as well. The CDC, DOH, and DOT have strict protocols on the guidelines for disinfection and transportation, and all employees are kept up to date on the procedures. For Ebola Virus Eradication outside of our service area, we recommend calling or visiting friends in our network that also provide crime scene cleanup Bio Recovery Corporation handled the cleanup of Ebola Virus in New York, and are trusted experts in the field.