Crime Scene Cleanup & Restoration Services

When the unimaginable sadly becomes reality after a sudden crime, trauma or death has occurred, 11th Hour is there for you.  Since 2005, our staff has helped countless families, businesses, and communities through crisis and tragedy with our professional crime scene cleanup services.

We realize attempting to clean the aftermath of an unexpected or tragic event can be emotionally devastating for those involved. Our company was created to ease this burden from grieving family members, friends and loved ones in an already stressful time.

Although we cannot put things back to normal, we can restore your property to a clean and safe condition without any reminder of the unfortunate events that occurred. We respond with respect and compassion 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to all properties and States that we service and with several offices located throughout the Midwest and beyond, we respond quickly.  Proudly Serving:

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Cleaning Up After Crime, Trauma & Death

When any death or traumatic injury occurs, whether it’s natural or intentional, it’s still heartbreaking. On top of the emotional agony, there are also expenses. Cleaning up after the victim or deceased should not be one of them, and is nothing you should ever have to do yourself.

When an injury or worse happens, that is a vital turning point in the lives of many and will undoubtedly affect the victim and loved ones severely. When suffering, don’t bear more weight than you have to. Let our experts handle the disaster that has been put on your shoulders.

In most cases all of our trauma and death cleanup services are entirely covered by homeowners, commercial or auto insurance policies with no out-of-pocket cost to our customers.

Professional Bio-Hazard Removal & Remediation

At 11th Hour, we are far more than just a “crime scene cleanup” company. Although that is a widely searched coin-phrase term, it is merely a label used to describe those that offer bio-hazard remediation services. Any site that involves blood, fecal matter, or bodily fluid (human or animal) contains harmful bacteria and pathogens and must be handled by industry professionals.

Our team is trained to remove and eliminate harmful molecules down to a microscopic level, certified and tested by ATP technology. We are staffed with former biologists, forensic nurses, mortuary science graduates, and public safety officials. It’s our knowledge and experience that allows us to strategically tackle each project accordingly, and our combined skill sets that make all the difference. Call the experts at 11th Hour for all biohazard and infectious material cleanup.

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