Professional Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Since 2005, our certified staff have helped countless families and businesses through difficult burdens and troubled times.  We realize that the aftermath of any disruptive or tragic event can be overwhelming for those experiencing it.  When the unthinkable happens, 11th Hour is there to alleviate any additional stress or physical dangers involved in the cleaning process.  For those affected by an unexpected tragedy, this can be a traumatizing and problematic task to attempt alone.

Our team of crime scene cleanup specialists are there for you 24 hours a day to restore your property back to a safe and livable condition, without any reminder of the events that occurred.  All phone calls are handled with the utmost discretion, and we arrive to all homes and properties in unmarked commercial vehicles to avoid unwanted attention.  With a vast list of hazardous and infectious cleanup services, we are dedicated to being there for our customers when they need us most.

Biohazard & Infectious Material Cleaning

At 11th Hour, we are far more than just a “crime scene cleanup” company.  Although that is a widely searched coin-phrase term, it is merely a label used to describe those that offer bio-hazard remediation services.  In reality, we frequently work in situations that do not involve criminal activity, but that are unpleasant, dangerous or even life threatening.  Any site that involves blood, fecal matter, or bodily fluid (human or animal) contains harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Our team is trained to remove and eliminate this down to a microscopic level, certified and tested by ATP technology.  We are staffed with former biologists, forensic nurses, mortuary science graduates, and public safety officials.  It’s our knowledge and experience that allows us to strategically tackle each project accordingly, and our combined skill sets that make all the difference.  Call the experts at 11th Hour for all biohazard and infectious material cleanup.

Expert Trauma & Death Cleaners

When any death or traumatic injury occurs, whether it’s natural or intentional, it’s still devastating.  On top of the emotional agony, there are also expenses.  Cleaning up afterward should not be one of them, and is nothing you should ever have to do yourself.  Thankfully it doesn’t have to be, and in most cases all of our trauma and death cleanup services are entirely covered by homeowners, commercial or auto insurance policies with no out-of-pocket cost to our customers.

At 11th Hour, our victim assistance program can even help cover the cost of the deductible, and steps up to help in cases of all trauma or death incidents.  Our project managers will handle everything in the claims process by providing the insurance adjusters with all necessary documentation required for payment.  If insurance is not available, we also seek funding through various crime reparation and reimbursement programs.  No matter the circumstances, we never turn down a family.

Confidential Hoarding Removal & Clean-up

While we specialize in crime scene, biohazard & infectious material cleanup – when it comes to hoarding or the things often found underneath, nobody handles it better than 11th Hour. Our understanding employees know that every situation is unique, and work with customers of all walks of life.  There is little we have not seen, and nothing we feel the right to judge our clients for.  All of our vehicles and uniforms are unmarked, and/or all logos and services are covered when we arrive.  We make every effort to conceal our work from neighbors & onlookers.

We also have a list of local charities you can donate your items to, and utilize recycling whenever possible.  You can feel good about taking the next step forward, and calling a company that cares.  11th Hour staff will never look at your home as a garbage pile, and we do not just come in and throw everything away unless we are asked to.  We realize there may be many items of sentimental or monetary value, and always do the best to set aside these items and let you decide.