Local Crime Scene Cleanup & Biohazard Remediation

The aftermath of an unexpected, disruptive or tragic event can be overwhelming for those experiencing it.  When the unthinkable happens, 11th Hour is there to alleviate any additional stress or dangers involved in the crime scene cleanup process.  With technicians located and strategically placed throughout the Midwest, we are able to respond quickly to all locations we service.  For the family or friends affected, do not attempt to clean-up after any biohazardous material yourself, as this can be a traumatizing, difficult and dangerous task to attempt alone.  You need a team of highly trained professionals to assist you by restoring your property back to a safe and livable condition without any reminder of the events that occurred.  Our crime scene clean-up company is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide services for a variety of incidents throughout The Greater Midwest region.

Professional Homicide / Suicide Cleaners

When any death occurs, whether it’s natural or intentional, it’s still devastating.  On top of the emotional pain, there are also expenses.  Cleaning up after the deceased should not be one of them, and is nothing you should ever have to do yourself.  Thankfully it doesn’t have to be, and in most cases our homicide and suicide cleanup services are entirely covered by homeowners, commercial or auto insurance policies.  Our victim assistance program can even help cover the cost of the deductible.  Our team of project managers will assist you in the claims process, and provide the insurance adjuster with all necessary documentation required.  If insurance is not available, we also seek funding through crime victim reimbursement programs, or offer affordable financing.  If you’ve recently experienced a tragedy, call on 11th Hour for help.

Unattended Death (Decomposition) Cleaning & Restoration

If a person has not been heard from for an extended period of time and nobody can seem to get a hold of them, if the mail hasn’t been collected in days or weeks, or when neighbors detect certain smells coming from a property and see a large amount of flies around the windows; these are never good signs.  When a person is not discovered for periods of time after they pass, the body begins to decompose and releases blood, fecal matter, bodily fluid, as well as bacteria and pathogens known to be carcinogenic.  In addition, any disease(s) the person may have been carrying with or without knowing can be spread through the flies and maggots landing in and cross contaminating the property.  11th Hour offers unattended death cleanup services for these unfortunate situations and completely clean, disinfect and deodorize your property back to its original condition.

Experienced Infectious & Communicable Disease Disinfection

At 11th Hour, our team is staffed with former biologists, forensic nurses, mortuary science graduates, and public safety officials.  It’s our knowledge and combined experience that allows us to strategically tackle each project accordingly, and our skill sets and equipment make all the difference.  With over twelve years of actually doing crime scene and infectious material cleanup, and bolstering a myriad of certifications, there are very few people who have actually worked on and supervised over a thousand biohazard projects.  Our owner and operator is one of them, and many of our technicians have worked on hundreds themselves.  Don’t be fooled by those that claim to be experts but can’t pronounce the diseases they’re supposedly disinfecting.  Our team studies what we do, inside and out because peoples health or even their lives can depend on it.

Confidential Hoarding Removal & Clean-up Services

When it comes to hoarding, clutter or the things often found underneath – nobody handles it better than 11th Hour. Our compassionate and understanding employees know that every situation is unique, and work with customers of all walks of life.  There is little we have not seen, and nothing we feel the right to judge our clients for.  All of our commercial vehicles and trailers may have logos and services listed while on the road, but we remove everything prior to when we arrive at your home in an effort to conceal our work from neighbors & onlookers.  We also have a list of local charities you can donate your items to, and utilize recycling whenever possible.  You can feel good about taking the next step forward, and calling a company that cares.  For additional services offered, please check our cleaning services page.