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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Blood and Bodily Fluid Cleanup Minnesota

Crime Scean Cleaners MNWhen dealing with an accident, often times the crime scenes have something in common. There tends to be blood and bodily fluid remnants throughout the scene. Whether it is a car accident, injury on the job, or an older individual falling, cleaning up the mess is something that should not be taken lightly. If these biohazardous elements are not handled properly, serious health risks can apply. If you are dealing with an accident in Minnesota, and you need blood or bodily fluid cleanup services, leave it to the highly experienced professionals at 11th Hour.

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Trashed House Cleaning Rochester MN

Vacant Property Cleanup Rochester MNIt’s that moment that you walk into a home and walk right back out. Break-ins, bad house parties, angry foreclosures, natural disasters…There’s so many reasons why houses in Rochester, MN could be trashed. Fortunately, we don’t care why, we just want to help clean it up! At 11th Hour Clean, no mess is too big for us! We specialize in crime scene, tragedy, and even Bio-Hazard cleanings! When a house is trashed or a property is distressed, we are your most premier specialists in Minnesota!

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Odor Elimination Control Service Rochester MN

Oder Removal Cleanup MNHave you been battling a strong odor in your home or office that you just cannot seem to find and eliminate?  In a busy home or business, the odor could literally be anything….pet urine, musty smells, a dead animal in the attic or basement, cigarette smoke or a milk spill.  These odors can be overwhelming and often no amount of routine cleaning can get rid of the terrible smell.  If you live in the Rochester, MN, area, Let 11th Hour Clean eliminate that pesky odor once and for all!

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