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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Trashed House Cleanup Rochester MN

Trashed Home Cleaning Rochester MNBreak-ins. Misbehaving teenagers. Unwanted guests. Foreclosures. Disgruntled renters. These are all reasons and examples of why a perfectly nice home in Rochester, MN could be trashed. Let’s face it, if you are trying to sell a home, having it trashed by its last tenant or owner is not a great selling point. At 11th Hour Clean, we work with each and every customer in turning their upside down home, right side up again with professional trashed house cleanup services.

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Filth Clean Up MNGross filth is used for several different scenarios, although we dislike the terms “gross” and “filth” unfortunately, they are keywords used widely to find our services.  This could pertain to animal feces, severe clutter, animal carcasses, rotten food, and/or abandoned/distressed properties.  At 11th Hour, the most common gross filth calls we receive involve hoarding. Hoarding is a mental health issue, thought to be a form of Compulsive Obsessive Disorder, usually multiplied by major depressive disorder, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder. In the beginning it is simply collecting, but eventually collections overtake the home and the hoarder becomes severely attached to their possessions, even things others may see as garbage. It is this deep attachment that makes this clean-up so difficult.

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Hoarder Cleaning Eau Claire WI

Hoarder Cleanup Eau Claire WIDo you or someone you know have an issue with collecting too many items? At first, this may just be a hobby, but for some individuals, these collections can become overwhelming and may begin taking over your home. If you or someone you know is a hoarder, there is help available for you and your residence. If not properly addressed, your home can become an unlivable situation. If you reside in Eau Claire, WI, let 11th Hour perform our hoarding cleanup services to try and get your home back to a liveable state.

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Pigeon Dropping Clean Up Minnesota

Pigeon Poop Cleanup Minneapolis11th Hour offers a variety of animal / pet filth cleanup services, and pigeon feces is no exemption.  Has your home, business, warehouse, power plant or commercial property fallen victim to the nuisance of multiple birds roosting and leaving their mess behind on your rooftop, stairwell, or other areas of the building?  We can help. 11th Hour technicians are OSHA and EPA compliant and all employees are highly trained and certified.  We have the knowledge and experience to safely remove any/all harmful pigeon fecal matter, while operating harnesses, lanyards, and other rooftop and fall protection equipment when necessary. If you’re dealing with a disgusting and dangerous mess, you’ve found the company capable of handling it.

Pigeon Dropping Cleanup – no

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Death Cleanup Bloomington MN

Death Cleaners Bloomington MNThe thought of someone you know passing away can be terrifying for many. Death is a very scary and powerful part of life that we cannot ignore. At some point, each and every one of us will pass away. If you live in Bloomington, MN and are dealing with an unattended death, suicide, or murder, the stress you are going through right now may be unbearable. Once the detectives leave the crime scene, there will be a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Cleaning up after this terrifying situation you are facing should be the last thing on your mind.

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