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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Burnsville, MN Tear Gas Cleaning and Removal

tear gas MNIf your property in Burnsville, Minnesota has been the target for the release of tear gas canisters, you need professionals to properly clean the property. 11th hour is the company to call. With over a decade of experience, you can count on us to provide a thorough and professional tear gas removal service. You have just suffered a traumatic event and your property is uninhabitable, but believe us, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Homeowners or commercial insurance usually covers the cost of our service and will replace any items that are not salvageable. We take photos of everything, before, during, and after the job is completed. We make sure your insurance company has the necessary documentation they require to honor your claim.

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Suicide Cleanup in Minneapolis, Minnesota

suicide MplsIn the United States the suicide rate is the highest it has been in 25-years. Currently there are 40,000 suicides annually, which is a suicide in the United States every 13 minutes. This makes suicide the tenth-leading cause of death in the nation, and the second-leading cause of death for ages 15–34. We all feel a little down or depressed some of the time, but usually it is a temporary type of sadness. Studies have shown that 90% of the people that commit suicide have some type of mental illness, ranging from depression to schizophrenia. Our hearts break when we think of the pain they must have been in

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Blood and Body Fluid Cleanup Edina, Minnesota

bloodbodyfluidsedinaAccidents and incidents happen every day, some are more severe than others. A small accident, like a nick with a knife while cutting celery, can easily be cleaned and bandaged. A large incident, say a Gastrointestinal Bleed-Out, will have massive amounts of blood and body fluids and there will be several different areas contaminated. Whether it is a car accident, injury on the job, or an elder falling, cleaning up should never be taken lightly. If you find yourself or a loved one in need of blood and/or body fluid clean-up services, leave it to the highly experienced professionals at 11th Hour.

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Suicide Clean-Up Maple Grove, Minnesota

Maple Grove suicideSuicide is almost impossible to understand. In our minds we conjure up all the reasons this person had to live. Obviously, there are many “reasons” people who wish us well will come up with. The truth is no explanation, no excuse, no reason is going to take away the hurt, the helplessness, the questioning, the emptiness, or the overwhelming sadness that fills you. Somehow you need to pull the strength from within to focus on the important and necessary next steps.

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Suicide Clean-Up Coon Rapids, Minnesota

suicide coon rapidsThe world today seems so full of sadness. Economic situations, long work hours, split families, drugs and alcohol abuse, depression, anxiety, mental illnesses, alienation from family or friends, and so many people are just too busy to actually embrace happiness. All of these can unfortunately lead to suicide. Suicide rates in Minnesota are rising, and this is a very disturbing statistic. When a loved one dies it is always an emotional, stressful, and terribly sad time. When a love one dies by their own hand the emotional pain is greater as you try to accept it.

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Homicide, Suicide, Murder, Blood, Bodily Fluids Clean-Up

homicidesuicideMany people wonder who cleans up the murder scenes, the suicides, the unattended deaths, the bleed outs, and other crime scene. The police, medical examiner, and CSI technicians go over the scene, collect evidence, try to predict what happened, and when their work is completed, they leave. What is left is an often a bloody mess. 11th Hour is a Bio-Hazard cleaning company, and we clean up the aftermath of these situations. We work in homes, apartments, mobile homes, businesses, vehicles,

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Tear Gas Clean-Up Minnesota

teargasIf your property has recently been damaged due to law enforcement using tear gas, also known as riot gas, CS,CN, or pepper spray, you know how the powder or “smoke” spreads quickly and goes everywhere. It is important to have a professional remediation as soon as possible. Tear gas is used as a non-lethal weapon that is dispersed in a variety of ways, with a variety of chemicals, but all situations leave a dangerous environment. 11th Hour is the local company of choice for all Tear Gas Cleanup in MN. We will do a complete cleaning from ceiling to floor, leaving your property clear of the hazardous residual. From a health point of view, it is highly recommended that any area introduced to tear gas be cleaned and decontaminated. Tear gas will not go away on its own, call us, we will help you.

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Homicide Cleaning Plymouth, Minnesota

homicide plymouthIn MN the homicide/murder rate has been on the increase the last few years and is currently the highest it has ever been. If you are the family, friend, or loved one of a victim, 11th Hour is here to help you. We know this is a terrible time for you, emotions are running rampant, questions are going unanswered, and the details of all the final arrangements are left for you to decide. Cleaning the homicide site is one thing you should not and do not need to even consider cleaning.

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