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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Hopkins Minnesota Professional Crime Scene Cleaners


A sad reality of the world we live in today is crime rates and suicides are climbing up at an alarming pace. 11th Hour, Inc. is here to help you if you are a victim or family member of someone who has been the subject of crime. We clean all bio-hazard sites: murder, suicide, accidents, tear-gas, violent rape, unattended deaths, industrial accidents, mass trauma, and many types of hazardous sites. We will clean wherever, whenever you need us. This is a difficult time, and we know the scene can be

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Crime Scene Clean-Up Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

crimescenemaplegroveIn Wisconsin’s city of fun, it has been reported the crime rate is 92 per 1000 residents. 11th Hour, Inc. is the only crime scene cleanup company you will ever need to call. Crime scenes encompasses a large array of incidents. Here are some of situations 11th Hour can assist you with cleaning up: Homicide/Murder/Suicide/Attempted Suicide/Tear Gas/Riot Gas/Blood and Bodily Fluids/Infectious Diseases/Animal and Pet Filth/Trauma and Accidents/Hoarding/Gross Filth/Trashed Properties/Unattended Death/Sewage and Fecal Matter Back-ups. We clean private houses, rental properties, hotels, motels, businesses, mobile homes, garages, vehicles, and anywhere a bio-hazard needs to be cleaned.

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Suicide Clean-Up Blaine, Minnesota

suicide blaineSuicides rates are on the rise across America. They claim there are many reasons for this. Discovering a loved one has committed suicide is one of the most painful, devastating times in life, and no reason makes any sense. We know you are left with many questions and even more responsibility. From notifying family and friends to making funeral arrangements and everything in between. The last thing you should take on is cleaning the scene, in fact, only professional bio-hazard certified technicians should clean the scene. This is where 11th Hour comes on, we are certified, experienced, trained Crime Scene Technicians.

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Homicide, Murder Clean-Up Grand Forks, North Dakota

homicide grand forks ndIt is a sad fact that homicides are on the rise all across the country. If you or someone close to you has recently been the victim of homicide in the Grand Forks, ND area, call the cleaning experts at 11th Hour. Our experienced and trained technicians will come to the scene and clean, disinfect, sanitize, deodorize, and dispose of the bio-hazard materials, to return the scene to a safe and habitable condition. You should never attempt to clean the scene yourself or allow untrained people to try cleaning it. Blood and bodily fluids can be dangerous and

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