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Monthly Archives: May 2016

Hoarding Cleanup Services Minnesota

Hoarding Help MNGetting rid of your belongings can be more difficult for some individuals than others. For those with a hoarding disorder, getting rid of personal items may be nearly impossible. A person who has a hoarding disorder (or even hoarding tendencies) feels actual distress at the thought of getting rid of personal belongings…

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Tear Gas Cleanup North Dakota

Tear Gas Cleanup NDIt may not happen frequently, but after a situation in which tear gas, riot gas, CS, CN, pepper spray, mace or other chemical weapon is used, it is critical to clean the scene thoroughly and immediately to minimize any further impact. These substances can be extremely difficult to eliminate from an affected area, so professional cleanup services are required in order to restore the area to safety.

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Tear Gas Residue Removal Minneapolis/St Paul MN

Cleaning after teargasWe all know what tear gas is designed to do — neutralize an individual or group of individuals who may be engaging in behavior that needs to be contained. There is also no question about the severe physical effects of tear gas that includes eye tearing and eye pain, respiratory problems, loss of motor control, skin irritation and temporary blindness.

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Tear Gas Clean Up Minnesota

Tear Gas Cleanup MNTear gas is a non-lethal chemical weapon that attacks the nerves in an individual’s eyes, causing them to produce tears. Tear gas exposure is extremely painful and can cause vomiting, disorientation and even blindness. If your home or business has been exposed to tear gas, it is critical that you have it cleaned professionally as soon as possible, to limit the danger and discomfort caused, and to minimize the damage to the affected area.

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Tear Gas Clean Up Illinois

tear gas remediation services ILTear gas is a substance that you never want to come into contact with if you can help it. It is normally used as a form of a weapon to disorient an individual or group, often used in riot control to force crowds to disperse from an area. Tear gas causes severe irritation and pain to the eyes, nose and throat and in some cases can cause vomiting and even temporary blindness.

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