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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Suicide Cleanup Services South Dakota

Suicide Clean UpAny type of sudden and unexpected death of a loved may bring about feelings of shock along with expected grief. Because the act of suicide usually comes without warning, loved ones who are forced to face the loss of a loved one who has committed suicide may experience an overwhelming whirlwind of unexpected emotions. When tragedies like suicide occur, 11th Hour provides discreet and understanding professional suicide cleaning service in South Dakota.  We are available to take the responsibility of safely and properly cleaning any area, 24/7 and are committed to giving the deceased’s loved ones peace, time, and space to come to grips with their tragic loss.

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Tear Gas Cleanup Chicago IL

Tear Gas Cleanup ILTear gas is specifically used for riot control.  It causes very quick and severe irritation and pain in the eyes, nose, skin and respiratory system.  It often produces tears and can even lead to temporary blindness.  The most common forms of tear gas are pepper spray, CS Gas, CR Gas, and Mace.  What you may not know is that tear gas also has an impact on the property where it was released and can cause damage and make it unsafe for individuals to inhabit it for an extended period of time.  If your property has been the site of a tear gas incident, professional cleaning is the best possible option to ensure that your property is safe for use.  11th Hour, a professional crime scene, biohazard and tragedy cleanup service serving Chicago, IL, can fully restore your property to safety after a tear gas incident.

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Suicide Cleanup Service Chicago IL

Chicago Suicide Clean UpWhen you learn that a loved one or friend has committed suicide, the walls literally feel like they are closing in on you.  Perhaps you knew that he/she was in pain, but did not know the extent, or perhaps you were unaware all together.  There are a flood of emotions including sadness, regret, confusion, anger and even anger that take over as you begin to come to grips with your new reality.  In the midst of the shock, there are many things to do, people to contact and a funeral or memorial to consider. The last thing that needs to be on your mind is cleaning up the scene of the suicide.  But, after first responders have done their work, the area left behind must be cleaned in order for it to be deemed safe again. Rather than cleaning this yourself, you should hire a professional suicide cleanup service that can take care of this for you.  11th Hour can take care of all aspects of suicide cleanup in the Chicago IL area, so that you and your family can focus on the healing process.

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Unattended Death Sioux Falls SD

Decomposed Body Clean upWhen a death occurs, but the body is not found for several days, weeks, or in some extreme cases even months, this is considered an unattended death. In this tragic type of situation, the cause of death is frequently suicide, or a death of a person who died without family or friends closeby to check in on them. An unattended death can be a terribly tragic event for the loved ones and friends. At 11th Hour, we are committed to serving the loved ones of such victims, and our unattended death cleanup service works to restore your property to livable conditions as quickly as possible

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Death Cleanup Chicago IL

Death Cleanup Chicago ILSuicide is the 10th leading cause of death in the United States for all ages.  The CDC reports that each day, approximately 105 Americans die by suicide.  Suicide is extremely tragic and often shocking for friends and family who may learn for the first time that their loved one was in so much pain and that they were not able to help in some way.  Once first responders have done their job at the scene of a suicide, a family faces the sudden reality that their loved one is gone and that they must restore the area back to normal.  Suicide cleanup should never be completed by family or friends.  11th Hour is a professional death, suicide and biohazard cleanup company that specializes in confidential, respectful death cleanup in Chicago, IL  that can restore an area back to safety.

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Blood & Bodily Fluid Cleanup Service Chicago IL

Blood CleanupThe aftermath of a death, accident or other tragedy that leaves blood or bodily fluid is potentially dangerous to anyone who comes into contact with it.  The affected area that has remains, blood, feces, or other bodily fluid is a biohazard risk, meaning that disease and infection can be transmitted if individuals make contact with it.  Cleaning these bio-hazardous materials requires highly specialized professional training and equipment to ensure that the area is safe and others are not exposed.  11th Hour provides professional and confidential blood and bodily fluid cleanup services for the Chicago, IL area.

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Hoarding Cleanup Services Wisconsin

Hoarding Help NDDo you or someone you love have trouble throwing things away?  It might be difficult parting with clothing, household supplies, magazines, food, or other personal belongings.  If the difficulty getting rid of items is extreme and is disruptive to your daily life, it might have reached the level of hoarding.  Hoarding is the persistent difficulty of getting rid of personal belongings despite their value. There is usually extreme distress at the idea of parting with personal items and the accumulation of those belongings generally impacts day to day life.  11th Hour specializes in hoarding & clutter cleanup in the Wisconsin area, offering compassionate, respectful approach to hoarding cleanup. We can handle the cleanup of any hoarding or cluttered situation in a home’s living area, garage, or office space.  

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Death Cleanup Minneapolis/St Paul

unattended death cleanup MNWhen a dead body is found, first responders are called immediately. There is work to be done to determine how the person died, whether a crime occurred and how to locate and contact loved ones of the deceased.

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