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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Homicide Cleanup Schaumburg IL

Homicide Cleanup Schaumburg ILThe death of a loved one is difficult in any circumstance.  But, when an untimely death is the result of a homicide, friends and family are left in utter shock and disbelief that their friend or family member was taken so suddenly and so violently.  Putting the pieces back together after a violent crime requires strength and support. Unfortunately, there are also many logistical issues that must be taken care of as well – including what could be a lengthy investigation and trial.  Another unexpected issue to take care of is crime scene cleanup.  Homicide cleanup is simply unimaginable for the family and should always be handled by a professional biohazard cleanup team.  11th Hour serves the entire Schaumburg, IL area providing high quality, thorough, discreet and respectful murder cleanup.

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Meth Lab Cleanup Madison WI

Meth Lab Cleanup Madison WIMeth Labs are popping up all over our country.  If you are the owner of a property and you find that a tenant has been using their apartment, trailer, hotel room, shed, storage facility, or business for this purpose, you need to act fast and swift to get the area cleaned up and restored to safety.  11th Hour provides immediate and discreet professional methamphetamine lab and drug house testing and decontamination services in the Madison, WI area.  Leaving the area untreated has potentially dangerous implications for those exposed to the area in the future including adults, children and pets.  11th Hour can help you turn this difficult situation around so that the area can be inhabited once again.

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Crime Scene Cleanup Grand Rapids, IL

Crime Scene Cleanup Grand Rapids, ILThe trauma of losing a loved-one is incomparable and incomprehensible.  The trauma of losing a loved-one to murder or suicide is all the more difficult.  The grief and pain felt by those left behind is compounded by the likelihood that the decedent experienced fear, despair, and agony in their last moments.  But even for family members who have medical backgrounds, experiencing the tragic loss of a loved-one first-hand can be a trauma too difficult to overcome.  If a family member of yours dies violently, as hard as it is to believe it is possible that you could be expected to tend to the remnants of the crime scene.  Fortunately, though, there is a service that can relieve you of that awful responsibility: 11th Hour Crime Scene Response is trained in cleaning up all crime scenes in the Grand Rapids and Chicago, IL area.

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Tear Gas Cleanup Milwaukee WI

Tear Gas Cleanup Milwaukee WIUnfortunately, if you’re a resident of Milwaukee, you know too well how the recent riots have affected the community.  Business owners and homeowners are feeling the pain after their belongings and possessions have been damaged due to the recent riots in Milwaukee.  If you’re one of the victims of the recent destruction and in need of any type of riot or tear gas cleanup, feel free to reach out to the experienced and compassionate team at 11th Hour today.

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Riot Cleanup Milwaukee WI

Riot Cleanup Milwaukee WIIf you’ve been paying any attention to the news of late, or maybe even looking out your window, you’ve likely seen, or heard about the riots that have been happening in Milwaukee.  Unfortunately, our country is in turmoil, and a number of businesses and homeowners have been left to deal with the aftermath of these riots in Milwaukee.  If your home, or business was damaged in the recent protests, it’s likely time to call in the professionals at 11th Hour.  We’re experienced in Riot cleanup in Milwaukee, as well as all across the country.

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Homicide Cleanup Madison WI

Homicide Cleanup Madison WIThe aftermath of a murder is difficult, painful and chaotic, with medical personnel, first responders and law enforcement on the scene looking for evidence and clues to what happened to the victim. The loved ones are notified of their immense and shocking loss and, there is a gruesome and horrific scene that must be cleaned. Homicide cleanup is an important part of the closure process after a murder or other crime and should never be completed by loved ones or family members. The Crime Scene, Tragedy and Bio-Hazard Cleaning Specialists at 11th Hour are trained to professionally and thoroughly restore a murder scene to its original state.

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Suicide Cleanup Madison, WI

Suicide Cleanup Madison, WISuicide scenes are often gruesome. The average person is likely to be aghast at the kind of horror that can occur at such a scene, especially when it involves a loved-one who has chosen to commit suicide. And though most people will never have to worry about coming upon such scenes, a sad reality of modern life is that many people do experience this kind of difficulty. The knowledge that there is a service like 11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, and Biohazard Cleanup should provide a measure of comfort to all who need this kind of service. If you live in the Madison WI area and find that you need this service, the Biohazard Cleanup professionals of 11th Hour will be there to help.

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Homicide Cleanup Milwaukee, WI

Homici WIde Clean Up MilwakeeWe all hope and pray that we will never need to respond to a tragedy, especially one of a violent nature. 11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, and Biohazard Cleaning Specialists are trained and qualified responders who will help you in many ways if you are affected by the murder of a loved one or if a crime occurs on your property. 11th Hour of Milwaukee, WI will restore murder and crime scenes to their previous states, saving you the burden of having to do it yourself.

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Natural And Unattended Death Cleanup Services

unattended death cleanup MNLosing a friend or loved one unexpectedly is never easy. And, when you learn that your loved one died alone and was not immediately found, you can experience profound sadness, despair and even guilt, realizing that their last moments alive were tragically spent alone. Natural and unattended death can occur when an individual dies of an unexpected health event (heart attack or stroke), suicide, accident, or natural causes in an area where they are not immediately found. This can result in a period of hours, days or even weeks passing before their body is found. The last thing you should have to worry about as you process this significant loss is how to manage the scene of the unattended death. Natural and unattended death scene cleanup is complex and sometimes gruesome, and should never be done by a loved one, friend or family member. If you live the Minnesota area, 11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy & Bio-hazard Cleaning Specialists can take care of this difficult task so that you can focus on healing.

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