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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Trashed House Cleanup Mankato

Trashed Home Cleaning Rochester MN11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, and Biohazard Cleaning Specialists also clean trashed houses and serve the people of Mankato, Minnesota. The staff of 11th Hour is irreplaceable when your house has been trashed. Whether the property in question has been trashed by vandalism, hoarding, or any other reason, 11th Hour will help restore it to a livable state. 11th Hour can clean homes, businesses, storage facilities, garages and any other areas that need a thorough cleaning.

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Failed Fridge Cleanup MN

Failed Freezer Cleanup Minnesota11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, and Biohazard Cleaning Specialists are known for their ability to restore a scene where some truly gruesome things have happened back to a state of normalcy. From scenes where murders or suicides have left behind bodily fluids and body parts to scenes where dangerous, noxious chemicals have been spilled, the staff of 11th Hour has proven that they are capable of restoring scenes of great tragedy to their previous safe states. By employing professional techniques with equipment and cleaning chemicals that are specific to their industry, the staff of 11th Hour demonstrates their professionalism at every sad, tragic, and/or dangerous scene.

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Odor Elimination St Cloud Minnesota

Filth Clean Up MN11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, and Biohazard Cleaning Specialists provide odor elimination services for people who live in and around St. Cloud, MN. The staff of 11th Hour has earned their top-tier reputation because they evince professionalism, industry-leading fast-response time, and laser-focused attention to their customers’ needs. If you own a home or other property that has been affected by an incident that leaves leftover odors, 11th Hour should be your choice to restore the property to its original state.

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Hoarding Cleanup, North Dakota

Hoarding Help ND11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy and Biohazard Cleaning Specialists offer a wide variety of cleaning services for residents of North Dakota. The staff can return a home damaged by hoarding to a more livable state. Homes damaged by hoarding can create serious problems, not just for the person or people with the hoarding problem, but for the structure of the house itself. Depending on what is being hoarded, the weight on floors and other parts of the house’s frame can cause serious damage that can lead to the home’s condemnation by city and/or state authorities. Hoarding also presents a more immediate problem with threats to hygiene and health, and therefore homes that have hoarders living in them should be dealt with as soon as possible.

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Meth Lab Cleanup Savage MN

meth-lab-cleanup-services11th Hour offers professional methamphetamine lab cleanup services for Savage Minnesota. Meth labs and drug houses require a thorough decontamination, due to the left over chemical waste residue that risks the health of anyone entering or residing in the environment. Our technicians are highly specialized, trained, and certified in clandestine drug lab testing and decontamination, in addition to handling hazardous materials and blood-borne pathogens. 11th hour is an industry leader in getting the job done right the first time, quickly, thoroughly, and discreetly using the most advanced technology.

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Crime Scene Clean Up St Paul MN

Police Squad Sanitation MNYou and your husband are regular 9 to 5 types with a kid named Joel. You move to a regular 9-5 type suburb where the rent is manageable and the neighbors seem nice. Soon after making the move Joel starts getting sick. His skin breaks out and he has come up with a terrible cough. Soon you get headaches and start feeling exhausted, you know something is going on but it’s hard to pinpoint what is causing this. Later, after you’ve spent an uncomfortable amount of money checking for gas leaks and mold trying to figure out what in your home could be causing this and coming up with no results you start researching online. What in my home can be causing these symptoms? Then finally, you stumble upon an article on a meth lab and you come to the unfortunate conclusion that you are one suffering from this tragic situation. It all clicks, the omnipresent scent of ammonia, the brown stains on the wall of the living room, and the crystalline film over the range hood, your home was a former meth lab. The next question is whether or not you can get it cleaned up to a healthy, high standard of living for your home. 11th Hour Crime Scene Clean Up has extremely high standard for their clean up processes and you can feel comfortable and safe knowing that they will get it to a place you would expect your home to be in in the first place.

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Twin Cities Crime Scene Cleanup

crime scene cleaningThe trauma of losing a loved-one is incomparable. The trauma of losing a loved-one to murder or suicide is all the more difficult. The grief and pain felt by those left behind is compounded by the likelihood that the decedent experienced fear, despair, and agony in isolation. But even for family members who have medical backgrounds, experiencing the tragic loss of a loved-one first-hand can be a trauma too difficult to overcome. If a family member of yours dies violently, as hard as it is to believe, it is possible that you could be expected to tend to the remnants of the crime scene. Fortunately, though, there is a service that can relieve you of that awful responsibility: the team at 11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, and Biohazard Cleaning Specialists is trained in cleaning up all crime scenes and serves the entire Twin Cities area.

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Hoarding Help MN

Hoarding Help NDHoarding is the intense need to keep objects or keepsakes. A person who suffers from hoarding disorder experiences extreme difficulty and distress about getting rid of or parting with those items. Over time, an individual with hoarding disorder accumulates many objects, regardless of actual emotional or monetary value. This can present many problems including cramped living conditions, narrow pathways through a home that can present a tripping hazard, and unsanitary conditions. Often times those with hoarding disorder do not see it as a problem, so it can be a challenge for friends and family to intervene on their behalf. 11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy & Biohazard Cleaning Specialists specializes in confidential, respectful hoarding cleanup services for those in the Minnesota area. We can help your friend, neighbor or loved one make steady progress toward de-cluttering their home and clean, disinfect and sanitize the area so that it is safe for habitation.

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