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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Biohazard Cleanup, North Dakota

Bio Hazard Clenup11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, and Biohazard Cleaning Services provides the important service of helping to restore the scenes of crimes and biohazard spills to their previous states. Unfortunate occurrences involving biohazardous materials can happen anywhere, and the people of North Dakota are fortunate to have 11th Hour nearby. If you find yourself in a situation in which blood and body fluids need to be removed from your home, your business, outdoors, or your automobile—or any other location, for that matter—the professionals of 11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, and Biohazard Cleaning Services should be your first choice. 11th Hour offers a compassionate, professional, affordable, and fast response to your situation.

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Hoarding and Unattended Death Clean-Up MN & WI

Hoarding Help NDHoarding affects emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. It also creates unhealthy, and unsafe living conditions. There are five levels of hoarding, which range from severe clutter to filled rooms, limited or no safe pathways, unusable kitchen and bathroom, pet feces are prevalent, rotting food, rodents, and structural damage. Hoarding is most common in the elderly population. Often there is embarrassment and shame felt by the hoarder and they tend to isolate themselves and cut off contact with friends and families. The hoarding and isolation combined with unsafe conditions create the very real possibility of injury and unattended death. Many hoarders have passed away and not been found for several days or even weeks.  11th Hour can assist in the cleanup process and restore the home to a safe and healthy condition.

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Biohazard Cleanup Chicago IL

11thHourNewBannerWhen you think of a biohazard, you may think of a crime scene, or the site of a chemical spill. In fact, biohazards can have many causes and is defined as biological agents that can cause illness, injury, and death in living organisms. Biohazards can include animal/human blood and bodily tissues, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and many types of fecal matter and are dangerous for anyone that comes into contact with them. 11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, and Biohazard Cleaning Specialists focus are highly equipped and trained to thoroughly manage biohazard cleanup and restore and area back to safety. If you live or work in the Chicago, IL area and need this service, look no further than 11th Hour.

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Water Damage Clean-up for Minnesota

Oder Removal CleanupWater damage is one of the most common and potentially destructive problems you can face as a homeowner. If not taken care of immediately, excess water in your home can promote electrical hazards, cause expensive damage to your home’s structure and furnishings, and can even lead to the growth of hazardous mold.The harmful effects of water are sharply reduced by prompt and effective intervention, especially within the first 24-48 hours. Even though the damage may look severe, cleanup and restoration can produce amazing results.

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Biohazard Cleanup for St Paul

Bio-hazard Clean UpBio-hazards are biological agents that can cause illness, injury and death. Bio-hazards include human and animal blood and bodily tissues, viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. What may seem like a minor and localized contamination can be far more dangerous than you think. Many of these organisms can live on surfaces for many hours or days and spread through various means without proper cleaning protocols. Many times bacteria and odors will continue to grow despite a quick service clean. Although you may not see the extent of the contamination, if the area is soaked or has been saturated, it is necessary to have this material removed, replaced and disposed of. Household cleaners (such as bleach) just do not do the job and are too harsh for many surfaces and materials

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