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Monthly Archives: September 2017

The Role of Insurance Companies in Crime Scene Cleanup

The last thing those affected by crime think about is who is going to clean up the scene, so it might not even occur to them that someone has to pay for it. It is another unfortunate detail that affects victims and their family and friends, but luckily there is often a solution. In many […]

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The Benefits of Opting for a Local Crime Scene Cleanup Company

It’s hard to think about, but the crime scene cleanup industry serves an important role in society. Unfortunately, since average citizens don’t think much about it, the industry is not heavily regulated. This lack of government oversight can lead to big cleanup businesses putting corporate profits first and taking advantage of grieving families. However, because […]

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The “How-To” Process for Crime Scene Cleanup Certification

Are you interested in pursuing a career in crime scene cleanup?  Was there a crime scene at your home?  If so, maybe you’re interested in learning more about the certifications that the people have who are cleaning up the mess. Whether you’re interested in joining the industry, or you just want more information on the […]

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