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Monthly Archives: December 2017

What You Never Knew About Unattended Deaths

When most people think of death cleaning companies, they immediately think of crime. Violent deaths such as murder do make up a large portion of the work that death cleanup companies do. However, many incidents involve no crime at all. The most common of these is the unattended death. What is an Unattended Death? Put […]

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What Happens to the Human Body After Death

Most people today have little experience with death, and even less experience with decomposition. Embalming technology has allowed us to preserve bodies for much longer and keep them presentable through the burial process. Today we’ll talk about what happens to the human body after death, and why professional decomposition cleanup is so important. Immediately After […]

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A Proper Disease Cleanup Can Save Lives

We’ve all been there – you start to get a tingly sensation in your throat. You cough and try to clear away the itch, but it doesn’t go away. In a couple minutes, the itch has strengthened to soreness, and by nighttime, the soreness is so severe that all you feel is the pain every […]

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