Biohazard Cleanup StepsLife is unpredictable. Nobody can predict when the inevitable will happen. And thusly, you may never know when a biohazardous incident will occur in your life. Crime, homicide, suicide, unexpected death, and medical emergencies are an unfortunate part of every day life. If it happens to you, are you prepared? Do you know what steps to take?

At 11th Hour, we provide cleaning services for a wide variety of biohazard incidents. If you are left in the aftermath of a biohazard cleanup and don’t know where to turn, follow these 4 steps:

1) Remove anyone from the area and block off the contamination

The less an affected area is disturbed, the easier it is to clean. Any haphazard handling of a biohazard can lead to unintentional cross-contamination, making the area progressively more dangerous.

2) Never attempt to clean the site yourself

Nobody should be left with the burden of having to clean up an incident themselves. A simple clean up can have long lasting psychological effects. The blood borne pathogens contained in blood can also be very dangerous to anyone not formally trained to handle the situation.

3) Call a certified biohazard cleaning company

There are always people to help. If you call a biohazard cleaning company, make sure they are licensed, bonded, certified, and local. Due to these services being on-call 24/7, it is common to schedule an appointment/consultation or having an emergency crew dispatched to clean the scene.

4) Locate insurance documentation and notify the property owner

To expedite the entire cleaning process, it is important to locate any homeowners/automobile insurance and have the information ready for cleanup crews. Experienced cleaning companies are well-versed in the claims process; most incidents are covered under insurance policies. It is also imperative to notify the property owner of where a biohazard occurred.

Call the Biohazard Cleanup Experts at 11th Hour

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