Crime Scene Cleanup Payment One of the first questions asked after receiving a call for assistance is “How do I pay for crime scene cleanup services?”. Depending upon the particular service requested, the typical avenue for funding comes from commercial, automobile, or business insurance; in the absence of insurance coverage, discounted commercial, residential and business rates are offered as well. While biohazard remediation can be relatively costly compared to typical janitorial services, it is our goal at 11th Hour to alleviate any financial burden a sudden or unexpected incident may incur.

Financial Hardship Discount Programs & Insurance

Regardless of your financial situation, 11th Hour is committed to providing all of its clients with professional crime scene and biohazard cleaning services. Dependent upon your current situation, you may qualify for financial assistance through our various programs. For victims of violent crimes, we may pay partial or full cost of your insurance deductible and help you file for state and federal assistance programs. If you can prove substantial financial hardship and lack insurance coverage, we offer reduced cleaning rates and for those that qualify, offer affordable payment plans catered to your specific needs.

11th Hour crews are also well-versed in the coverage of services under insurance policies. The vast majority of our services are covered by homeowners, automobile, or commercial insurance. If a company claims that all services are covered by insurance, be wary — you may be left with a hefty bill after insurance denies a claim and paperwork has been signed. We work with all insurance policies and before work is started, ensure that all services rendered are covered under your current policy agreement. And rest assured, all work performed is documented and verified by industry professionals.

Professional Cleaning from Industry Experts

If you simply have questions or need emergency dispatch service, call 11th Hour today for your Crime Scene and Biohazard Cleanup needs. We are available 24/7 and service Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Our rates are affordable and we will beat and qualified competitor’s pricing by 11%. Guaranteed.

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