Animal Cleanup Minneapolis11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, and Biohazard Cleaning Specialists have earned a reputation for being amazing professionals in the field of crime scene cleanup and for good reason.  There are no better crime scene cleanup companies out there.  In addition to the remnants left at crime scenes, blood and other bodily fluids, 11th Hour is also able to restore homes and property in the Minneapolis area that have had bad experiences with animals.

Animal Cleanup Inside Your Home, Minneapolis, MN

Some homes are damaged by pets that soil carpets and furniture when left alone.  Other homes are less fortunate and suffer animal and/or insect infestations.  This can happen with species such as roaches, mice, rats, and even raccoons.  Animals who invade our homes can be crafty, living in our domiciles for long periods of time without our knowing it.  Then, seemingly out of nowhere, we start to smell something not quite right.  Even worse, the location of the smell can’t be found easily.  That smell, almost invariably, is the smell of a dead animal or two or ten that met their demise behind a wall in the living room.  Whether beloved pets or unwelcome guests cause your animal smells, 11th Hour is the cleaning service to help you get your house back to the state you prefer.

Animal Filth Sanitation

The cleanup professionals at 11th Hour are uniquely qualified to help you with animal cleanup problems.  After all, they have developed such a positive reputation in the Minneapolis area because of the quickness of their response time and the quality of their work upon arrival at truly gruesome crime scenes.  If you have an animal issue that needs attention, 11th Hour will give your concerns the seriousness of response you expect.  They will thoroughly clean everything from upholstered furniture to carpets to hardwood floors and remove items that cannot be salvaged.  Animal debris and remains can transmit disease ,and the area should be cleaned by a professional.  If an animal has damaged your property, 11th Hour will be able to help.

An important, but sometimes overlooked, component of a cleanup companies like 11th Hour is their customer service.  Because so much of their work comes in response to emergent problems, it may be easy for you to overlook luxuries like good customer service.  That’s why 11th Hour prioritizes their attention to excellent customer care as a matter of mission.  You can know in advance that if you have a need to rid your home of bad animal smells, or worse, 11th Hour is prepared to respond to your issues fast and with care, respect, and understanding.  Call 1-877-797-7035 for more information.