11thHourNewBannerWhen you think of a biohazard, you may think of a crime scene, or the site of a chemical spill. In fact, biohazards can have many causes and is defined as biological agents that can cause illness, injury, and death in living organisms. Biohazards can include animal/human blood and bodily tissues, viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and many types of fecal matter and are dangerous for anyone that comes into contact with them. 11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy, and Biohazard Cleaning Specialists focus are highly equipped and trained to thoroughly manage biohazard cleanup and restore and area back to safety. If you live or work in the Chicago, IL area and need this service, look no further than 11th Hour.

Biohazard Cleanup Services, Chicago IL

11th Hour specializes in biohazard cleanup services including but not limited to the following examples:

Crime scene cleanup (including the cleanup of all traces of blood and body fluids)
Suicide and/or suicide attempts
Natural and unattended death
Blood spills
● Trauma or accidental injury
● Filth, Hoarding and general property contamination
● Sewage spills, fecal matter and pet/animal filth
Trashed properties

Professional biohazard cleanup services are necessary in all biohazard scenes because if not properly protected, the material being cleaned can transmit bacteria and disease. The cleanup crew at 11th Hour has professional grade equipment and cleaning agents that are specifically designed to clean the area and protect our technicians. Traces of biohazards can also be found further from the affected area than you might suspect, so our team is trained to eliminate all traces of the biohazardous materials. Our first step is always to create a barrier around the area so that no further cross-contamination can occur. Once the cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting process is complete, our team will also appropriately handle the disposal of all of the soiled and contaminated materials to protect others from coming into contact with them.

24/7 Biohazard Cleanup Services, Chicago

The biohazard cleaning specialists at 11th Hour are also skilled at treating each and every job with respect, discretion and ultimate professionalism. We also offer 24/7 response time, competitive pricing can even help you determine if any of our services will be covered by insurance. We can also offer payment plans if needed. If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being responsible for the cleanup of a potential biohazard, you are always best to call a professional cleanup crew. 11th Hour can take this burden off of your shoulders and ensure that the area is dealt with appropriately and is safe for future use. Call 1-877-797-7035 to speak with a member of our experienced crew.