blood bodily fluids minneapolis workplaceAs you may have guessed, this is going to deal primarily with the cleanup of blood and various other bodily fluids. Everyone has gotten a cut in some way or other: working in the yard, making dinner, or handling something sharp. You apply some pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding, clean it with an antiseptic like hydrogen peroxide, and then put a bandage on the cut. Common knowledge and technique has the person who hurt themselves capable of handling the blood/cut from start to finish. What happens when it isn’t something minor like a workplace accident?

Work Place Accidents Cleaning-Minneapolis, MN

Current data available from the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industries states as of 2014, Minnesota has had 3.6* recorded workers compensation claims per 100 full time employees (*Statistics taken from Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry // Injuries range from falls off ladders, slipping, and getting hands stuck in machines like balers or CNC machines. These aren’t normal everyday situations and will not have normal protocol for normal blood cleaning. How do you get a person inside the machine to clean the blood while keeping that person safe and your company not liable for blood borne pathogens/cross contamination? Nobody wants their valuable employees exposed to things like Hepatitis B, HIV, or a litany of other infectious diseases. Contact a professional.

Experienced Blood Cleaning

At 11th Hour Inc. we have the knowledge, expertise, tools, and training to safely and quickly clean up any blood / bodily fluid situation. There is a crew on call to quickly address any needs or safety concerns. Dispatch times are usually under two hours and cleanup of a recent blood/bodily fluid in a unique scenario is no problem for us. We have hazmat suits, respirators, and chemicals to safely remove blood from a wide variety of surfaces. Most of the tools are to protect us so that we may safely protect you and your team from infectious diseases and cross contamination. We follow all state, federal, and local laws regarding the disposal of bio-hazardous materials. Don’t expose your team to unnecessary risk. We have the tools, means, and capability to expertly get your jobsite sanitized for the next shift to work without a hitch. 11th Hour accepts checks, money orders, and most major credit card. If the accident is covered by insurance, will work your insurance company. Our on call team will be ready to help and get you back to a safe work environment allowing you to maintain full productivity. If your business is dealing with an unsafe blood or bodily fluid accident; stay safe, reduce liability, and call the experts at 11th Hour.

Please call us at 612-255-6384or 952-261-4248. We are here 24/7 to answer any questions you may have, explain our process, set up an appointment, or dispatch an emergency team to the work-site.