blood bodily fluids st louis park mnAll blood and bodily fluids must be handled as if they are infectious. Even if you think you know someone and their medical history, utmost caution must be taken when cleaning up any blood or bodily fluid. Blood can contain any or all of the following transmutable diseases: HIV, Hepatitis A, B, C, Chreutzfedt-Jakob Disease, West Nile Virus, Prion Diseases (rapid fatality), Dengue Fever, Malaria, Leishmaniasis, Chagas Disease, Babeiosis, and other various bacteria’s like Anaplasma Phagocytophilum causing Anaplasmosis. By assuming all blood is contagious and infectious the chances of acquiring any of these diseases during the cleanup process is greatly reduced.

Blood or Bodily Fluid Clean-Up

When cleaning up blood or any other bodily fluids it is important to have a contingency plan. The first step is to hire a company with technicians certified by an OSHA approved blood-borne pathogen exposure control course. Following that each workplace will have a plan of action in case of a serious workplace injury and the cleaning of the blood. Our company has a plan set up that keeps all employees safe. We also use every piece of the personal protective equipment required to safely clean and remove blood and bodily fluids. All of these things are standard operating procedures for 11th Hour, Inc., and all technicians are highly trained in these areas.  Don’t take any risks, please call a reputable company for cleaning blood and bodily fluids.

Experienced Blood and Fluid Cleaners

Blood injuries can range from little cuts to scary spurting messes. 11th Hour, Inc. is a company that specializes in cleaning up the scarier stuff you can’t cleanup yourself. With our experience, training, contingency plan, and specialization in this field we know how to work all the angles to make sure all blood is removed from any scene. Spurting accidents especially, blood can literally go everywhere; walls, ceilings, corners, and under shelves. Our experience makes sure the scene of the accident will be cleaned, disinfected, and deodorized, so the property will be safe for reentry. We currently service all of Minnesota and are here to help you.


If you are dealing with a Blood or Bodily Fluid cleanup, us locally in Minnesota at 612-251-3275. Our phone lines are available 24/7, we will answer your questions, explain our process, and set up an appointment. We accept all major credit cards and will work with your insurance company if the incident is covered by them.