Blood Cleanup Madison WIEven the mere sight of blood sends some to their knees, queasy nauseous and even faint.  But, exposing yourself to the aftermath of a crime scene, especially if the victim is a loved one, can actually be damaging and traumatic.  Cleaning blood and bodily fluids after a crime, murder or suicide should never be handled by friends or family member for a wide variety of reasons.  If you live in the Madison, WI area, the crime scene cleanup professionals at 11th Hour can take this burden off your shoulders entirely and restore the area to safety.

Bio Hazard Cleanup

The scene of a violent crime or suicide is actually considered a biohazard, meaning that the area can be dangerous for human contact. It is possible for disease to be spread if a person (without proper protective gear) comes into contact with blood and body fluids. As a result, it is imperative for a professional cleanup crew to complete the difficult process of cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing a crime scene after the first responders and authorities have done their job.

11th Hour follows a rigorous step by step process to restore an area to safety after a crime has occurred.  First, our team will secure the area to prevent the risk of cross contamination and then survey all materials in the affected area and determine what materials (if any) cannot be salvaged.  These materials cannot be thrown away like trash, but must be disposed of safely.  11th Hour can handle this part of the process as well.  Next, with our state of the art cleaning equipment, our team will thoroughly and carefully clean, disinfect and sanitize the entire area, including upholstery, rugs, ceilings and floors.  We can test the area to ensure that it is up to safety standards and provide you with a certificate of completion.

Responsive, Compassionate and Discreet Cleanup Services

Whether you need help with homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup or other blood or body fluid cleanup, 11th Hour of Madison WI can be counted on for help. Our team will respond to a cleanup need 24/7 and we understand how difficult and emotional this time is for your family.  Our cleanup crew is committed to providing the most discreet and compassionate service possible to help you through this difficult time.  We can even help you communicate with your insurance company to see if the cleanup services may be covered. For more information, call the cleaning experts at 11th Hour at 1-877-797-7035 anytime.