Blood clean upWhen an accident or crime occurs in a residence or a commercial property, it is difficult to know what do and who to call.  A trauma can leave loved ones feeling intense sadness or grief, overwhelmed and in shock.  A crime or trauma scene should always be examined by law enforcement first, but when that work is complete, a professional team of blood cleanup specialists is ideally suited for crime scene or trauma cleanup.   11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy & Bio-Hazard Cleaning Specialists can take away the immense stress of cleaning the scene and will restore the property to a safe and livable condition.  Our team proudly works all over the Minneapolis/St Paul, MN area.

Disinfecting Blood Spilled Areas in Minneapolis and St Paul MN

Blood and bodily fluid clean up should never be handled without special training and equipment.  Handling blood can be extremely dangerous, if not done appropriately.  Unprotected contact with blood or bodily fluid can spread serious infections, blood borne and/or sexually transmitted diseases including HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.  The team of professionals at 11th Hour are blood cleanup specialists and will clean, disinfect and sanitize the crime or trauma scene so that normalcy can be restored as soon as possible.

The highly trained professionals at 11th Hour can clean and disinfect homes, businesses, properties, parks and vehicles, and can handle even the most extreme cases in Minneapolis/St Paul.  We follow a set of specialized procedures and guidelines that guarantee that the affected area is fully disinfected and sanitized so that the area is safe for future use.  11th Hour issues a Certificate of Completion once the job is done to ensure the area is safe for re-entry.

Comprehensive Crime & Trauma Scene Cleanup

11th Hour is a comprehensive crime scene, tragedy and biohazard cleanup company that can handle many complex and difficult situations including:

  • Blood and bodily fluid cleanup
  • Biohazard decontamination
  • Professional crime and trauma scene cleanup
  • Homicide & murder cleanup
  • Suicide and suicide attempts
  • Natural and unattended death cleanup
  • Sewage and fecal matter cleanup
  • Law enforcement vehicle or jail cell cleanup

The crew at 11th Hour provides discreet, confidential crime and trauma scene blood cleanup services to those in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.  We use state of the art cleaning equipment and have more than a decade of cleaning experience.  We encourage loved ones to let a professional handle all aspects of the blood cleanup after a trauma so that you can stay safe and focus on the grieving process.  Call 11th Hour at 1-877-797-7035 any time day or night if you are in need of any type of blood cleanup services.