Unattended Death Cleanup New Lisbon, Wisconsin

Eau Claire Unattended Death Cleanup11th Hour offers body decomposition cleaning in New Lisbon and the entire state of Wisconsin. Our professional cleanup technicians decontaminate, sanitize, disinfect, and deodorize areas where an unattended death occurred. The cleaning of a decomposing body can be a difficult task to accomplish on your own, household products (air fresheners and cleaners) are not strong enough to purge the bacteria left over from a death or other bio-hazardous contamination. Unattended deaths, also known as decomposing bodies, are quite common. Many incidents can go unnoticed for several days or even months. The most common way these happen is due to people in poor health or during a medical emergency in which a person has difficulty reaching help before they expire.

Cleaning Hazards of Natural/Unattended Death Scenes

After the heart stops pumping blood, each and every cell in the body loses oxygen and ceases to live, leading to decay. Death leads to the breakdown of soft and hard tissues in the body and gravity pulls the liquid down through whatever source the body is laying upon. It is imperative to clean and/or remove all contaminated material; if it is simply cleaned or wiped down, it will not purge all bacteria and odors and continue to smell and rot, most of the time this remains hidden in structures. 11th Hour removes and cleans hardwood floors, ceramic tile, cement, sub-floors, mattresses, carpet, clothing, walls, vents, and whatever else a decomposing body has come in contact with. Blood and bodily fluids that remain after a contamination can carry and spread bacteria, viruses, and disease through a house or business. With a decomposing body comes flies and a multitude of maggots that can further spread to any room or ventilation system within a house. Mold and bacteria can also continue to grow in contaminated items (especially structure) and emanate odors for days or months. Improper cleaning can lead to serious illness and permanent property damage.

Call the New Lisbon Death Cleanup Professionals

11th Hour will clean, deodorize, sanitize, disinfect, and air purify any body decomposition scene. We will remove any contaminated items and structure to ensure that you, your loved one’s, or your business’s property are back in working order and 100% safe for reentry. The majority of unattended deaths are covered by homeowners or business insurance. We will work with your insurance company to ensure they receive all the necessary documentation to settle your claim; this means the only out-of-pocket expense you incur is the deductible. We offer competitive pricing and currently serve all of Wisconsin.

Call us at 414-509-0147. We are here 24/7 to answer your questions, explain our process, assist you in getting an insurance claim started. and schedule an appointment.

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