Hoarding--AnokaHoards come in all shapes and sizes: animal hoarding, clutter, storage hoarding, garage sale/goodwill hoarding; a fire-breathing dragon guarding their shiny hoard of gold coins mounded all over the floor. Well maybe not the last one in the real world. 11th hour specializes in cleaning up all sorts of hoards regardless of the source or the nature of the hoard. Maybe you inherited a house full of stuff but like most people you have everything you could possibly need already, and just want to prep the home for resale. 11th Hour will handle the hoard and clean-up the home for resale if that is what you want.

Cleanup Risks

Hoarding risks are very real and aren’t always so apparent to see. Did you know hoarding is a severe risk for those people living in/around a hoard? Fire hazards, health hazards, tripping hazards, allergies to lack of cleanup are all just some of the risks associated with hoarding. Then you throw in the stigma of living with a hoard and how it is not socially accepted. An example that our technicians see more often than not is a residence where the hoard has gotten very large. When something problematic happens to the home and it needs repairs, no one can be called in to fix it, be it from embarrassment, or inability to safely reach the problem area to repair it. This exacerbates the situation to the point of making it unlivable in most cases, or at the very least living in it becomes uncomfortable and unhealthy. Hoarding at grandma’s place for example where she hasn’t moved her hoard in the last forty years and has had water damage in the basement now means her hoard is molding and her respiratory system is at risk.

Experienced and Compassionate Cleaners

Here at 11th hour we realize that the majority of hoarding calls received involves a family member trying to get help for their loved ones. We strive to handle all hoarding cases in a loving compassionate manner respectful to both the owner and to completing the removal of the hoard. Usually we try to ask both the owner and the family member who called us to write a list of anything that they want salvaged or saved or if they have somewhere they want things to be donated for them to let us know prior to technicians arriving on site. We realize this can be a very stressful, emotional time for the person having their hoard removed. Them writing a list for us not only keeps them involved, but guarantees the items most valued to them are safe. However: under most situations technicians are trained to recognize things of value to the families involved and if we have any questions or doubt, we will always ask.

11th Hour, Inc. handles all types of cleaning: Animal Filth, Hoarding, Unattended Deaths, Bio-hazardous Materials, Blood/Bodily Fluids, Homicides, and Suicide. Phone lines are open 24/7. Call us locally in Minnesota @ 612-251-3275 or 952-261-4248 to setup a free consultation and estimate.