College Dorm Cleanup MinnesotaAre you a college representative or rent housing to students in Minnesota? College is a defining time in many people’s lives, and can also be one of the messiest. Living in college dorms often entails parties, drinking, and many people living in close proximity. They are often a breeding ground for illnesses such as meningitis and mononucleosis, as well as a common site for blood, semen, and other bodily fluids to be present.

Janitorial staff are typically not equipped or trained to safely and effectively remove these biohazards. What may seem like a harmless contamination can quickly spread or saturate and damage property. Don’t risk the health and safety of your staff or students.

11th Hour Cleaning, Disinfecting, and Deodorization for college dorms:

– Cleaning and disinfecting suicide scenes
– Cleaning and disinfecting after fights/stabbings/sexual assaults
– Odor removal from dorm rooms
– Disinfecting and deodorizing bathrooms and common areas
– Cleaning and deodorizing after drug use/manufacturing
– Cleanup of blood and other bodily fluids
– Cleanup of gross filth/hoarding in dorm rooms

11th Hour uses professional grade disinfectants certified by the CDC to kill dangerous pathogens, as well as deodorization techniques guaranteed to eliminate unpleasant smells. Our cleaning crews exercise discretion and will work fast to provide your property with the necessary cleaning so classes and housing can resume as soon as possible. We offer competitive pricing and proudly serve the Twin Cities metro for College Dorm Biohazard Cleaning Services. Call us today for a free, confidential consultation.