Police Squad Sanitation MNYou and your husband are regular 9 to 5 types with a kid named Joel. You move to a regular 9-5 type suburb where the rent is manageable and the neighbors seem nice. Soon after making the move Joel starts getting sick. His skin breaks out and he has come up with a terrible cough. Soon you get headaches and start feeling exhausted, you know something is going on but it’s hard to pinpoint what is causing this. Later, after you’ve spent an uncomfortable amount of money checking for gas leaks and mold trying to figure out what in your home could be causing this and coming up with no results you start researching online. What in my home can be causing these symptoms? Then finally, you stumble upon an article on a meth lab and you come to the unfortunate conclusion that you are one suffering from this tragic situation. It all clicks, the omnipresent scent of ammonia, the brown stains on the wall of the living room, and the crystalline film over the range hood, your home was a former meth lab. The next question is whether or not you can get it cleaned up to a healthy, high standard of living for your home. 11th Hour Crime Scene Clean Up has extremely high standard for their clean up processes and you can feel comfortable and safe knowing that they will get it to a place you would expect your home to be in in the first place.

Why Choose Us?

11th Hour Crime Scene Clean Up, St Paul Minnesota does it’s long list of disastrous cleanups. They have been known to be one of the only companies to completely clean up some of the most toxic chemicals such as tear gas out of people’s and businesses homes. One of the most toxic and detrimental chemicals to take over buildings is the unfortunate happenings of a meth lab. We seem to be seeing these pop up more and more, in fact, you may be in a house or down the street from a home of a meth lab and not even know it. Properties directly and indirectly affected by this hazardous chemical residue while essential, is dangerous and requires a team of specially-trained, licensed, and certified environmental specialist like those at 11th Hour’s Crime Scene Clean Up.

This process is an expensive, dirty, toxic endeavor that should only be performed and accomplished by highly trained individuals. The incentive is clear-for every pound of meth produced, five to seven pounds of chemical waste remains. This waste and residue that is left behind after a meth lab has taken place is incredibly toxic and causes a number of serious health issues. Neurological problems, kidney and liver damage, increased risk of cancer, breathing issues and skin irritation are just a few of the issues faced when being around a meth lab. Renting a home after this has taken place can be a pretty terrifying thing and will probably sway you away from the home leaving the renter in distress. With 11th Hour Crime Scene Clean Up you can be assured that the home has been made safe again and rest easy.

When the unthinkable happens and a family member or loved one is the victim of a crime, do not attempt to clean the scene on your own. Call the experts at 11th Hour at 1-877-797-7035, and let our team handle this so that you can focus on helping your family heal.

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