crimescenewoodburyMinnesota is in the midst of rising murder rates, higher violent crime figures, and more suicides than ever. Homicide, suicide, stabbing, shooting, attempted murder, unattended death, accidental deaths, severe beatings, and violent rape are all crime scenes. Each and every one of them is devastating to the loved ones of the victim. This is a painful, heart-retching, and often scary time for family and friends. Crime scenes often contain blood, body fluids and body bits and pieces. These are classified as bio-hazard materials, state, local, and federal regulations must be followed for cleaning and disposing of bio-hazard materials. For these reasons, family or friends should never attempt to clean up the scene. Crime scenes should be left for (CST) Crime Scene Technicians to properly clean and dispose of bio-hazard materials. In addition, cleaning the scene could be a traumatic experience for family or friends.

Professional Crime Scene Cleaning Woodbury, MN

11th Hour Inc., is a professional crime scene, bio-hazard cleanup company. All our technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced. Each site has a supervisor assigned to it making sure all duties are performed 100 percent properly. In over ten years in this industry, there is little we have not seen or cleaned. We are professionals, this is our career, not just a job. The crime scene will be properly cleaned, sanitized, disinfected, and deodorized. All bio-hazard materials will be disposed of following laws and regulations. Our goal is to return the scene back to its original condition. All our equipment is properly maintained and repaired or replaced as necessary. We wear the highest quality protective gear and use the industries top of the line cleaners, sanitizers, disinfectants, deodorizers, and other supplies. We always use the most environment friendly supplies possible. We are a professional and responsible company, and we want to help you through this difficult period.

Discreet, Compassionate, Crime Scene Cleaners

Crime scenes tend to attract media, neighbors, and curious gawkers. We will never talk to anyone or release any information about you or the scene. We respect your privacy and guarantee 100 percent confidentiality. The entire 11th Hour team is known for their compassion, even though we may not know exactly how you feel or what you are going through, we know you are hurting and try to be as comforting as possible. If you are reading this, we are sincerely sorry for your sorrow and pain, and we wish you Peace.

If you live in Woodbury or surrounding areas, call us 24/7. We want to help you. We can answer your questions, 612-251-3275.