crimescenecopUnfortunately, Minnesota is becoming a more violent state. Murders are up fifty percent from last year at this same time. The majority of these murders involve the use of guns. Besides the increase in murders Minnesota is also seeing a sharp rise in suicides also. Shootings, stabbings, homicide, suicide, unattended death , attempted murder, traumatic injury, tear gas releases, and accidental injuries can all be classified as crime scenes. Crime scenes must be cleaned by qualified CST (Crime Scene Technicians). There are several reasons why friends, family, and loved ones should never clean the scene.

  • This is a difficult, painful time for you, cleaning the crime scene could be traumatizing to you and subject you to even more intense pain.
  • During this awful period of time you need to be around loved ones also suffering from this situation, to console, comfort, and support one another.
  • Blood, body fluids, and other body matter are considered bio-hazard materials. It is possible there is contamination which may cause diseases.
  • The state, local, and federal governments have strict regulations when it comes to cleaning and disposing of bio-hazards. These rules are for the protection of everyone.
  • 11th Hour, Inc. a Bio-Hazard, Crime Scene Clean-Up Company is here to help you in your time of need.

Why Choose 11th Hour Cleaners for Eagan, MN

There are very few crime scenes we have not seen and cleaned in our ten years in this industry. Each technician is experienced and highly trained. We only use the top of the line equipment and keep it properly repaired and maintained. The protection gear we wear is the best out there and we only use highly recommended industry cleaners and supplies. With our four step process, we can and we will properly clean, disinfect, sanitize, deodorize, and dispose of bio-hazard materials. Usually it is possible to return the crime scene back to its original condition.

The Three C’s of 11th Hour, Inc. Crime Scene Clean-Up

We are competent we can clean your scene properly and efficiently. We also offer you 100 percent confidentiality, we will never speak to neighbors, reporters, or anyone asking about the situation, we will refer all inquiries to you or whoever you designate for this. And our final C is compassion, this company was created to help people in their darkest hour, to relieve a touch of the pain the victim’s loved ones feels, and to alleviate the necessity and burden of cleaning a horrific scene. Everyone at 11th Hour is very compassionate, and if you are reading this, we offer you our sincerest condolences, and wish you Peace.

If you live in Eagan, MN or surrounding areas, please call us, we can help and we want to help. If the crime scene is covered by insurance, we will provide all the proper documentation to them. We are here 24/7, so give us a call 612-251-3275.