Crime Cleaning Company MNWhen a loved one is the victim of a crime, friends and family are often overwhelmed with emotion – shock, anger, guilt, and sadness.  If your loved one survived, you may be focused on helping them heal physically and emotionally.  And, if your loved one did not survive, you are understandably faced with intense loss, grief and the need to complete appropriate arrangements.  In either case, the last thing that you should have to be worried about is crime scene cleanup.  This important and necessary function should always be left to a professional crew to ensure that the area is restored to safety. 11th Hour of Chicago, IL, specializes in thorough and efficient crime scene, tragedy, and bio-hazard cleanup and is available 24/7 to help you in your time of need.

Discreet And Confidential Cleanup Services

A crime scene needs to be carefully and thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, sanitized and all biohazardous materials need to be safely removed.  The crime scene cleanup professionals at 11th Hour are trained and have experience with all types of crime scenes – in homes, apartments, business, even in outdoor settings.  In addition to our professional cleanup services, we also understand that you and your family are going through a very difficult time.  All of our work is done discreetly and confidentially and with respect.  Your personal information will never be shared.

Crime Scene Cleanup Process

The team at 11th Hour follows a very specific process to ensure that an area is clean and fully restored to safety after a crime or other tragedy.

  1. Immediately block off area completely to minimize risk of cross contamination.
  2. Dispose of all materials in the affected area that cannot be salvaged. The entire area is a biohazard risk and has been exposed to blood and bodily fluids that are not safe to be in contact with. Materials from a crime scene cannot be thrown away like normal trash. The biohazard specialists at 11th Hour can remove and dispose of these materials safely.
  3. Use of highly specialized equipment to contain any airborne contaminants.
  4. Clean, sanitize and disinfect entire area repeatedly with professional grade cleaning agents.
  5. Test the area for safety and provide certification of completion to owners so that they can be confident that the area is safe for future use.

11th Hour understands that a crime scene is extremely upsetting and shocking and can take one small piece of the difficult process of healing away from the family. Should you find yourself in need of crime scene cleanup services, call our team at 1-877-866-8877 today for help.