Crime Scene Cleanup St Cloud, Minnesota11th Hour offers a variety of biohazardous and potentially infectious cleanup jobs in St Cloud, including crime scene cleanup. Considering we are a local company based in Minnesota, we have extremely fast dispatch and are able to be in the area within 1-2 hours depending upon our current work schedule. At 11th Hour, we only send trained and certified employees hired by and working for our company directly. Although we use the phrase “crime scene cleanup” technically very few jobs anyone in our industry does are actually crimes. Technically — Murder/Homicide, Stabbings, Shootings (occasionally involving tear gas) are crimes, and if you’re dealing with that we are more than able to help. With over twelve years of actual crime scene cleanup experience, there are few things we haven’t seen and cleaned. However, if you’re dealing with any issue involving blood or bodily fluid cleanup such as suicide, trauma, injury, or unattended death – these services are our specialty as well and we can help you through the process in an affordable and efficient manner.

St Cloud, MN Trauma & Death Cleanup Specialists

Residents, property managers, and business owners who are dealing with crime scenes and biohazardous scenarios often contact us for cleanup help in Saint Cloud. After a death or traumatic injury, most people don’t realize it but many times the cleanup is actually covered by insurance. What steps do you need to take to make sure it’s covered by insurance? You could call your insurance agent, but they do not have a clue what is covered or what is not. Only the adjuster assigned to your claim would be able to tell you. Call 11th Hour, and we assist you throughout the entire process. Now, here’s a little known secret but one that will obviously make sense to you. If your insurance company tells you that they have someone that cleans this type of situation for them, who do you think they’ll call? The company with the least experience, that is the cheapest? Perhaps a company that doesn’t even specialize in blood or bodily fluid cleanup, but actually does water and fire restoration? You guessed it. Here’s another secret. You, the insurance policy holder have a right to choose any company you would like. So, who are you going to trust? Someone that wants the job done cheap and quick, or someone that will be honest and upfront about the cost, and that will bill insurance on your behalf with no hidden gimmicks or tricks. Someone that makes sure YOUR best interests are in mind? In the case of crime scenes and death, oftentimes our victim assistance program even covers the deductible. That could mean no cost to you.

Many of the jobs we do have little to no cost to our customers. Call us toll free at 1(877)866-8877 to see if you would qualify for our victim assistance program.

Microbial pathogens are everywhere, not just what is clear to the naked eye. Blood leaks under many items of the structure, so simply cleaning the surface will not do. Only a trained professional will be able to remove it from your property – from the floor to the ceiling, and everywhere in between. When it comes to crime scene cleanup, there are no mop and buckets – and it almost always requires many tedious steps you should never have to attempt yourself. The professional cleaning crew at 11th Hour is equipped with the necessary gear and equipment and guarantees a quick and thorough cleaning throughout the entire state of Minnesota, especially in one of our favorite cities, Saint Cloud. Our specialized equipment ensures nothing is missed (not even the air quality) and after the crime scene cleanup is complete, our team can even test the area to make sure everything is 100% disinfected. 11th Hour will not leave until the environment is completely safe for everyone.

Crime Scene Cleanup in Vehicles Throughout Minnesota

Violent crime is more prevalent than it has ever been, and can happen anywhere – including vehicles. If you have blood or bodily fluids in your Car, SUV, Truck or even Taxi, Ambulance or Squad Car – 11th Hour is the company to call. Whether we have to remove and replace parts of the vehicle, or simply do some intense deep cleaning – we have the equipment other companies do not. We have the training to remove stains other companies typically have to cut out and dispose. When it comes to blood cleanup You really do not know what is present, no matter how well you know the person. In many cases, disease lurks beneath the surface, and many people can be carriers of disease that does not directly affect them but may affect others. Leave nothing up to chance when you can have an honest, local and compassionate cleanup crew handle it for you. Again, most cases (even in vehicles) is covered by insurance.

If you’re in Saint Cloud or any of the surrounding suburbs and dealing with a crime, injury or death, please call 11th Hour at (612) 255-6384, and you will have immediate help and assistance from someone who cares.