murder appleton wiNorth Dakota has seen a huge influx of people since around 2006 when the Bakken formation was discovered. The oil boom has created more jobs, higher wages, increased cost of living, and more crime. Prior to 2006 Lincoln, ND violent crime rates were pretty much nonexistent. Sadly after the oil boom began crime rates shot up rapidly. In 2011 rates peaked out at 211 per 100,000 people. This is actually still below the national average living anywhere in the United States. At first thought or glance one might think that these rates are actually pretty decent. They are still due in part to a lower population than other areas. But as more people migrate here and spread out, the crime rates can climb quickly and spike, as we have seen in the recent past.

Which North Dakota Cleaner to Choose?

This crime increase has created a special opportunity in growth for crime scene cleaners. In the past areas like North Dakota often got skipped over because they were too low in population and too far away to justify the cost of going there. If you could get a crime scene cleaning company to come out, they would charge a large premium on their specialized work, making you help pay for their very large corporate structure. This left a lot of customers struggling to pay the bills and turned what should have been a gentle experience on the way to repairing their lives, into something that just added more stress to the situation.

Contact 11th Hour for Crime Scene Clean-Up

At 11th Hour Inc. our company founder saw what was going on in the industry by working for these big companies. Using his years of knowledge and experience in the field he split from the corporate structure and started his own company that cares about the cost to the individual and their emotional well-being. Charge a fair price for fair work and be compassionate for each individual needing our assistance. 11th hour does many different forms of cleaning: tear gas removal, suicide cleanup, unattended deaths, crime scenes, infectious diseases, meth labs, animal filth, and hoarding. We follow all the same rules and regulations of the bigger companies and can get the job done in a manner that makes both the client happy and our company successful. 11th hour uses all the latest tools, equipment, and methods for quick and safe clean-up in all sorts of environments; cars, houses, pole barns, and businesses.

Whatever your predicament, whenever you need a solution, and wherever cleaning may be needed, 11th Hour is happy to hear from you. Call us at 701-732-8988. We are here 24/7 to answer your questions, explain our process, and set up an appointment to assist you.