Crime Scene Cleanup MilwaukeeA violent crime is defined as a murder, rape, robbery or aggravated assault.  And, while many major cities are reporting an increase in violent crime over the last year, we all are finding ourselves hoping that violent crime does not touch our family.  The sad reality is that there is always a chance that the unthinkable can happen. If you or a loved one is the unfortunate victim of a violent crime in the US, the first and most important thing to do is to seek immediate medical attention and to contact law enforcement to begin the crime scene investigation. The very last thing that you should have to worry about is cleaning the crime scene. This is where 11th Hour comes in.  As a leading crime scene cleanup company in the Milwaukee area, our cleanup professionals can take this burden off of your shoulders and restore the area to safety.

Bio-Hazard, Blood & Body Fluid Cleanup

Cleaning the scene of a crime is technical work that requires professional grade equipment and cleaning solutions that can thoroughly clean the area, leaving it free of all traces of blood and body fluid.  A crime scene is a biohazard risk, meaning that exposure can actually be dangerous for those who are not properly trained or protected.  In addition, traces of blood and body fluids can actually span a large distance in a crime scene and may not be able to be seen by the naked eye.  Since disease can be spread in a biohazardous environment, it is critical that the cleanup be conducted by professionals that are properly trained and have access to the equipment and protective gear necessary to do it safely.  Finally, the team at 11th Hour can also properly dispose of all biohazard materials that are not safe to discard normally.

Compassionate, Respectful, Discreet Crime Scene Cleanup

11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy & Bio-Hazard Cleaning Specialists also understands the sensitivity and compassion needed after a violent crime.  Our team will treat you and your family with the ultimate respect, discretion and confidentiality.  Our trucks are unmarked and we will not speak to neighbors, onlookers or media about the circumstances around the scene.  Our team can handle all types of violent crime cleanup including homicide, rape, assault or robbery in homes, apartments, businesses, or even in a public place.  Call 11th Hour at 1-877-866-8877 anytime day or night and our team will immediately respond to your needs.