Crime Cleanup Minneapolis MNEveryone has their own definition of what a crime scene is. To some it is a murder, a shooting or a stabbing, to others it may simply be a burglary. 11th Hour, Inc. is known as a crime scene cleanup company, although our business encompasses so much more. Homicide, suicide, hoarding, unattended death, tear gas, drug labs, infectious disease, animal filth, Ebola, pigeon feces, accidental death, odor elimination, toxic mold; whatever has brought you to our site, you can be assured we are here to assist you and bring comfort in any way possible.


With over 10-years’ biohazard cleaning and remediation experience, there is little our technicians have not seen. All our employees are highly trained, certified and nonjudgmental. Most crime scenes contain blood and other bodily fluids, which may carry a variety of diseases and must be cleaned and disposed of properly in accordance with Federal and State guidelines. Our experience guarantees we will always be in compliance with OSHA, CDC, EPA and other government agencies. Many incidents may be covered by homeowners, auto, or commercial insurance. We have worked with several different insurance companies and promptly and efficiently will complete all necessary paperwork.


We know you have several choices for your Minneapolis, MN crime scene clean-up needs, it seems so many companies are willing to offer these services despite being untrained or unqualified to do so. 11th Hour has earned and holds many certifications, we make sure all our technicians are highly educated as well. We are not a janitorial service, even though some of our services require cleaning, our training is specifically tailored for our industry. While other companies may do this part time, this is our only career and specialty. Although some companies focus mainly on their growth, our company’s goal is to be of service to our communities and assist families through a difficult time.  During this process we cooperate with local and federal law enforcement agencies, and search out community services and resources that may be helpful to you. Professional, compassionate, understanding, and discreet…call us for a free, confidential consultation and estimate.

Unfortunately crime happens everywhere, and anyone can be a target, if you are in the Minneapolis, MN area, call us 24/7 at (612) 255-6384to learn more about our service of Minnesota Crime Scene Cleaning and how we can assist you.