crime scene cleaningWhen someone you know is the victim of a crime, you instantly feel shocked, horrified, angry and likely scared and sad.  And, a crime scene is a horrific reminder of the event that caused your loved one so much pain and suffering.  Crime scene cleanup is a highly specialized service that should never be handled by a loved one, family member or person with a personal connection to the victim.  11th Hour is a leading crime cleaning company serving the Minnesota area and provides thorough, discreet and compassionate crime scene cleanup services to those who need it.

Crime Scene Cleaning Professionals

The team at 11th Hour handles all aspects of crime scene cleanup so that you and your family can focus on other things like the grieving process in the aftermath of a crime.  Our professional cleanup team understands that this is likely one of the most difficult times in your life and we strive to do our best to take care of one of the most difficult aspects of the tragic situation.  We are discreet about this process and never let any personal information about the incident leak out to the public, and we are happy to work with insurance companies and even file claims on your behalf.

One other very important reason that a professional clean up crew should handle all aspects of crime scene cleanup is safety. A crime scene is a biohazard risk, meaning that disease and infection can be transmitted from the blood and bodily fluids in the area to those who are not properly protected.  Sanitation is critical to restore the area to safety, and 11th Hour follows the following process for each and every crime scene:

  • Block off and contain the affected area to prevent risk of cross contamination.
  • Dispose of any items in any areas that cannot be salvaged. Biohazardous materials must be disposed of properly, not in a normal trash facility.
  • Contain any/all airborne contamination.
  • Sanitize and disinfect area multiple times until thoroughly cleaned.
  • Complete final test to ensure that area is sanitized and safe to be used.

Disinfect, Sanitize And Restore Crime Scene Minnesota

If someone you love is the victim of a crime and you find yourself handling the details of the aftermath, hiring a professional cleanup service to make sure that the area is cleaned and sanitized appropriately is a very important part of the recovery process.  Our team will respect your need for privacy and handle the cleanup with respect, confidentiality and compassion. Call 11th Hour anytime, day or night at 1-877-866-8877 when you need help.