Crime Scene Cleanup MNUnfortunately, crimes in St Paul, MN happen. When a bad crime is committed, tons of reporters, policemen, and bystanders flood the scene for all different reasons. The media swarms the site until all of the action is done. What people don’t realize is that after the police and investigators have gathered their information, they leave! If this unfortunate event happens to a loved one or family member, it can be incredibly hard to pick up the pieces and clean the scene yourself. That’s where we come in, 11th Hour. 11th Hour is known for being crime scene, tragedy, and bio-hazard cleaning specialists. We are the ideal for crime scene cleanups since we can handle blood cleanup, bodily fluid cleanup, and especially decontamination.

Why our Cleanup Services are so Important:

Honestly, we find passion in helping others. If you are calling us, it is likely that you or someone you know has experienced a traumatic event. We don’t want to make it any harder on you than it has to be! Our staff understands that our services must be performed with discretion. We realize that no one wants to clean up an area that may remind them of a painful loss. Likewise, cleaning up crime scenes can be a personal safety issue. With blood cleanup and bodily fluid cleanup, it’s important to perform proper decontamination procedures before you enter that environment again.

Our Process:

  • When we are called to the scene of a crime, we begin our process by blocking off the area to prevent any cross contamination. This is ideal for decontamination and personal safety.
  • We then properly dispose of any property that cannot be safely sanitized.
  • We then contain and isolate any airborne contamination as well as perform any blood cleanup or bodily fluid cleanup that needs to be done.
  • Our skilled professionals then apply thorough amounts of sanitation treatments until we are confident of a successful decontamination.
  • Lastly, we test the sanitation level to ensure personal safety for the loved ones and others that are returning to the site. It must then receive a certificate of completion/safe habitation before our job is done!

Crime Scene Cleaning MN

So, if you or someone you love needs help in cleaning up a crime scene, trust 11th Hour to handle all of your crime scene clean-up needs. If you live in St Paul, MN, call us today at 1(877) 797-7035.

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