death clean up minneapolis mn11th Hour services a wide variety of death clean up scenes in the Minneapolis area, as well as all of the entire Twin Cities Metro and beyond. While a natural part of life, death is often the most traumatic event for any family, friend, or neighbor to endure. Many of the scenes we encounter are due to circumstances where the deceased was not discovered for days or weeks at a time. Depending upon factors such as heat, humidity, and proximity to fresh air, decomposition can set in as little as 2 days. Beyond that time, the deceased becomes a hazard to anyone and after public service professionals have removed a body, it is up to experienced biohazard cleaning crews to properly handle a scene.

Decomposition at a Glance

After a sudden death, the body immediately starts to decompose. At each scene, there is a large presence of blood and various bodily fluids and tissues that are biohazardous and potentially dangerous to anyone who may come in close contact. As blood dries and thickens, it becomes increasingly difficult to clean and remove from any surface it may have contact with. As blood and tissues pool, gravity pulls down any liquid and it is not uncommon for multiple surfaces or even floors to become saturated with biological material. It is important to remember that blood is not a liquid, but a tissue that binds itself to surfaces and requires specific chemicals and trained crews to completely remediate a scene.

Minnesota’s Death Clean-Up Professionals

11th Hour technicians are certified to properly decontaminate, sanitize and deodorize any natural or unattended death scene. We offer fast response times in the Minneapolis area and will work with your insurance company to ensure that all costs are covered. For the uninsured, we offer discounted rates and may help you apply for Victim’s Assistance funds.

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