unattended death cleanup MNWhen a dead body is found, first responders are called immediately.  There is work to be done to determine how the person died, whether a crime occurred and how to locate and contact loved ones of the deceased.  If it is an unattended death, meaning that the individual died and was not found for days, weeks or months, first responders have to piece together what happened and their job is made even more difficult because of body decomposition. Once the first responders have finished their job, the work is still not complete.  The death cleanup process is also extremely difficult and critical and must be handled by professionals to ensure the safety of the area. 11th Hour specializes in death cleanup and area restoration for those living in the Minneapolis/St Paul area.  

Death Cleanup Professionals Minneapolis/St Paul

Death cleanup should never be left to the family or friends of the victim — it should always be handled by death cleanup professionals.  Any type of unexpected death is extremely emotional for friends and family, and trying to handle the cleanup process on their own can compound the trauma.  Unattended deaths are actually very common — a person may have lived alone, had a heart attack or committed suicide and was not checked on for a few days or even weeks.  These cases are particularly sensitive for friends and family because of the additional guilt and sadness of thinking of your loved one that died alone.  And the cleanup is made more difficult because of body decomposition and decay, which causes serious odor and can make the area unsafe.  

Blood and body fluid cleanup following death requires specialized cleaning equipment and protective gear to ensure that those cleaning the area are protected and that the area can be safe for future use.  11th Hour’s professional biohazard team will clean, sanitize, decontaminate and deodorize every aspect around the decomposed body. We use air purifiers, proprietary chemicals solutions, equipment and technology and follow appropriate disposal steps to ensure that no one comes into contact with the discarded materials that leave the scene.

Area Restoration After A Death

The team at 11th Hour can restore the area where the death occurred back to its original state, so that friends and family can begin the grieving process.  We have experience with death cleanup in homes, apartments, as well as businesses and even public areas and the vast majority of the work that is done by our team is actually covered by insurance.  So, when the unthinkable happens, call 11th Hour day or night at 1-877-866-8877 for help.