Fingerprint Dust Cleaning MN11th Hour offers a variety of cleaning services for private residences and businesses, including Fingerprint Dust Cleaning in MN. Following a law enforcement investigation, an officer or investigator may have used finger print dust to wipe surfaces where a potential crime may have been committed. We commonly deal with the aftermath of thefts, burglaries, break-ins, and other crimes in which the perpetrator may have left behind substantial evidence.

Most Fingerprint Dust is harmless and non-toxic, but can be rather difficult to remove safely and efficiently. Typically, police will use either black, white, or fluorescent powder depending upon the color of the surface being dusted. The light application via a brush or magnet will attach itself to residue left by friction ridges on fingers, palms, or feet. And in some cases, it is used to reveal shoeprint patterns on floors, which easily spreads throughout a residence if not taken care of promptly.

11th Hour Effectively Cleans Fingerprint Dust from:
– Kitchen Countertops
– Personal Property with Hard, Non-Porous Surfaces
– Floors due to Shoeprint Marks
– Vehicle Exteriors and Interiors

Hire the Fingerprint and Crime Cleanup Professionals

11th Hour professionals are here to help. We understand the importance of keeping a clean and safe environment following a criminal investigation. Our industrial degreasing compound, followed by a disinfectant and malodor treatment will remove fingerprint dust from most non-porous surfaces. Call 11th Hour today. We service the greater Minneapolis/St Paul Metro and all of Minnesota.