Filth Clean Up MNGross filth is used for several different scenarios, although we dislike the terms “gross” and “filth” unfortunately, they are keywords used widely to find our services.  This could pertain to animal feces, severe clutter, animal carcasses, rotten food, and/or abandoned/distressed properties.  At 11th Hour, the most common gross filth calls we receive involve hoarding. Hoarding is a mental health issue, thought to be a form of Compulsive Obsessive Disorder, usually multiplied by major depressive disorder, anxiety, and attention deficit disorder. In the beginning it is simply collecting, but eventually collections overtake the home and the hoarder becomes severely attached to their possessions, even things others may see as garbage. It is this deep attachment that makes this clean-up so difficult.


If you have found yourself at this page, chances are you are a relative or friend of a hoarder, have taken the first step to seek help for yourself, or perhaps even have an inspection of your property coming up.  Regardless of your circumstances, we will be respectful, compassionate, patient, and understanding of your unique situation.  It is necessary to allow the hoarder to control what goes and what stays, in many cases we often remove all items to a safe area where family and friends can help decide before unnecessary items are disposed of.  In other cases, we simply use a sticker system where items are deemed to be cleaned, kept, donated, or disposed of, and in some cases everything in the home is simply recycled, re-purposed, and cleaned to sell.  We can also recommend professional organizers, therapists, and encourage family and friends to be in attendance for additional assistance and reassurance.  We are committed to cooperating with all parties involved in the process. We recognize this can be considered an illness and are totally non-judgmental and empathic to the hoarder. We will patiently sift through the collections, and follow the wishes of our customer.


  • Smell: odors escaping from inside the home can seep into neighboring properties
  • Health Risk: piles of decomposing items, decaying food products, bodily fluids, and animal waste products can all be a bio-hazard risk
  • Fire Hazard: with stacks and stacks of items everywhere, a small spark could create a full-blown fire and not only destroy all your items, but your property too
  • Fall risk: with no clear pathways for walking, the chances of falling and breaking a leg, arm, wrist, or even a hip are extremely high
  • After many years of hoarding and ignoring the home, severe damage can occur, we have seen homes with no heat, no running water, and no workable toilet. The city generally steps in and issues citations for property to be repaired and cleaned or risk being condemned.


If you have found us; whether for yourself or a loved one, do not be embarrassed, or fear being judged.  11th Hour will assist you in a compassionate, discreet, nonjudgmental manner. For more information, a confidential consultation, a free estimate, and to learn about different payment options, call us at 612-251-3275.