Hoarder Cleanup Eau Claire WIDo you or someone you know have an issue with collecting too many items? At first, this may just be a hobby, but for some individuals, these collections can become overwhelming and may begin taking over your home. If you or someone you know is a hoarder, there is help available for you and your residence. If not properly addressed, your home can become an unlivable situation. If you reside in Eau Claire, WI, let 11th Hour perform our hoarding cleanup services to try and get your home back to a liveable state. Getting rid of these items that mean so much to you is a difficult process. Our understanding professionals strive to make it a comfortable process from start to finish.

Specialized Hoarding Cleanup Services in Wisconsin

Being known as a hoarder may not be the term you want everyone else in Eau Claire, WI to know you by. 11th Hour understands where you are coming from. That is why we offer confidential cleaning services so that no one has to know you struggle with this issue. Our cleanup team will arrive in unmarked cars and trailers, and there will be no marketing involved around your location. Don’t be discouraged by how big of a mess your home is in. Instead, let our experienced staff provide removal services of any items that are unsalvageable. No mess is too large for our team. Soon, you will be able to walk around freely in your home again without running into piles of mess.

Issues Surrounding Hoarding

Health Risk – Piles of items throughout your home can cause biohazards over time. Especially if we are dealing with animals, the non attended bodily fluids can become a health hazard to anyone that comes into your home.

No Path For Movement – It is important to have a clear path throughout your home to get to your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or anywhere else. When items are piled up all over your house, you run the risk of tripping or falling, increasing the chance of injury.

Professional Hoarding Cleanup WI

If you consider yourself a hoarder and need some assistance getting your home back to a liveable state, 11th Hour can help! If you live in Eau Claire, WI, give us a call today at (414) 509-0147 to set up a confidential consultation regarding your hoarding cleanup needs. With the combination of our highly experienced staff and our competitive prices, there is no reason to go with anyone else other than 11th Hour for all of your hoarding cleanup needs!