St Paul Hoarder Cleanup MNIf you or a loved one are dealing with a difficult hoarding or trashed housing situation, do not hesitate to reach out for help. 11th Hour is Saint Paul’s premiere hoarder cleaning and restoration company. We offer compassionate services and take a sincere approach to clutter and filth removal. Hoarding is a very serious issue and an ever increasing problem in St Paul and the surrounding Twin Cities metro area.

While it is common for hoarders or family and friends of hoarders to attempt to clean a distressed property, it is often not the recommended course of action. Not only is the burden heavy for all involved, but the scale of the operation is best handled by third-party professionals with years of experience. And while each and every hoarding situation is different, it is important to recognize the dangers associated with handling accumulated belongings and filth in a house.

Caring Clutter Removal & Non-Judgmental Services

When hiring a cleaning company to assist in a hoarding case, it can be quite intimidating for strangers to be sifting through your belongings. What may be of little value to a one person, can be a priceless treasure to another; that is why our crews handle your personal property with the utmost care and respect, being mindful that it is still your property. We will work with you to assist in determining what items can be salvaged, are of monetary or sentimental value, or can be safely disposed of.

With over a decade of experience, 11th Hour crews have seen it all. While each hoarding case is different, regardless of circumstance, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. It is very common for hoarders and family of hoarders to be embarrassed, lost, or alone when dealing with a hoarding or filth situation. We bring a sense of comfort to the situation by assuring our customers and potential clients that hoarding is more prevalent than most realize, and families are by no means alone and there are companies to help.

The Dangers of Hoarding & Structure Damage

Many times, distressed properties become a serious health and safety risk to not only the hoarder, but neighbors, family, and friends who visit or reside in the property. Years of improper maintenance can lead to excessive wear and tear on a house, causing structure damage such as buckling floors, caved-in ceilings, or sizable holes. And what is often forgotten is underneath layers of unattended garbage can lie mold and harsh stains. Part of the cleaning process is attending to the structure with air purification, malodor treatments, and broad-spectrum disinfectant applications.

Expert Hoarding Cleanup Solutions for Minnesota

Whether it is your own home, business, garage, mobile home, or storage unit, 11th Hour is here to offer help. Our professional cleanup crews are trained to handle any scale of hoarding, clutter removal, or trashed housing cleaning. Call us today for a free confidential consultation for your hoarding and clutter cleanup needs.

Contact 11th Hour if you’re in need of Residential or Commercial Hoarding Cleanup in the Saint Paul, MN area at (612) 255-6384or email

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