Hoarding Help MNAre you dealing with a friend or loved one in Minnesota who needs hoarding help?  Whether you are in Minneapolis, St. Paul or anywhere in Minnesota, 11th Hour is here to help.  We employ a full team of specialized hoarding cleaners that are ready to tackle your project in a discreet and professional manner.

Hoarding is Actually Classified as a Disorder

While hoarding was once thought to be a form of OCD, research is now showing that it has significant differences.  Those suffering from OCD often feel anxious and any attempts to relieve compulsions are not usually pleasant.  With hoarding, the hoarder actually experiences a form of joy in gathering and storing things.  Many people who need hoarding help find joy in finding a lost treasure or getting something for free.  For this reason it’s important when dealing with a hoarder that you hire a company that utilizes specialized hoarding cleaners who have been properly trained in handling these sometimes tense situations.

Hoarding Can Run in Families

Studies have shown that hoarding is often seen in siblings or other relatives of those struggling with this disorder.  Also, many hoarders have experienced traumatic events in their lives that caused them to turn to this disorder.

Many Hoarders Also Struggle with ADHD

Another challenge when it comes to helping friends or loved ones who are struggling with hoarding is that many of them also have ADHD.  A 2010 study found that roughly one third of hoarders also fell under the classification of having ADHD.

11th Hour Has The Tools and The Personnel To Handle Any Hoarding Situation

As you can see, hoarding cleanup involves much more than throwing trash into dumpsters and heading to the Minneapolis city dump.  Proper hoarding help involves treating hoarders as if they are actual people and helping to show them that their life will go on even without all of the stuff that has accumulated around them.  11th Hour has over a decade of experience working with hoarders to free them from the grips of the “stuff” that has taken over their lives.

11th Hour also utilizes state of the art equipment including purifiers, air scrubbers, hot water extractors, ozone generators, steamers, air movers and more to ensure that the environment is safe for your loved one after the hoarding cleanup is complete.

To contact us for our services or should you have any questions about our specialized hoarding services, don’t hesitate to contact us today at 1 (877) 866-8877.