Hoarding Help NDHoarding is the intense need to keep objects or keepsakes.  A person who suffers from hoarding disorder experiences extreme difficulty and distress about getting rid of or parting with those items.  Over time, an individual with hoarding disorder accumulates many objects, regardless of actual emotional or monetary value.  This can present many problems including cramped living conditions, narrow pathways through a home that can present a tripping hazard, and unsanitary conditions.  Often times those with hoarding disorder do not see it as a problem, so it can be a challenge for friends and family to intervene on their behalf.  11th Hour Crime Scene, Tragedy & Biohazard Cleaning Specialists specializes in confidential, respectful hoarding cleanup services for those in the Minnesota area.  We can help your friend, neighbor or loved one make steady progress toward de-cluttering their home and clean, disinfect and sanitize the area so that it is safe for habitation.

Respectful Hoarding Help For Those In Minnesota

It can be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for an individual with a hoarding issue to effectively get rid of unnecessary items on their own. And, it can be difficult to admit that you may need some help with this process.  You may feel embarrassment or shame and instead of dealing with the issue head on, it may be easier to put it off.  But, putting it off compounds the situation and can make the affected area more difficult to safely navigate.  A professional hoarding expert from 11th Hour can help identify items that may not be necessary and slowly begin the process of decluttering a home or business.  Our team will work slowly, carefully and sensitively to finally make progress.

Restore An Area To A Safe And Clean Environment

Every hoarding situation is unique, but all require respect and a partnership between our hoarding professional and the individual so that nothing is removed from the area with sentimental or monetary value is accidentally removed.  Our team can also thoroughly clean, disinfect and sanitize the area so that it is safe and free of fall or tripping hazards.  If our team finds that there is a biohazard risk, we also have the equipment and experience necessary to fully decontaminate a biohazard scene.

If you or someone you love has a hoarding problem, it can improve with help and support.  The cleaning specialists at 11th Hour can provide a confidential consultation to get started. Call 1-877-797-7035 today for more information.