HoardingDo you or someone you love collect things? And collect things, and collect things until there is no place to put things anymore? Yet the collecting goes on and on, and the piles get bigger and higher. This is beyond collecting, the h word has been reached…hoarding. Hoarding is when collections get so out of hand it becomes dangerous and unhealthy for the person living in the hoard. The house itself can become damaged from neglect. A lot of time the kitchen sink, bathtub, and even toilet are unusable. Hoarding is a form of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and more likely than not has been trigger by a severe event in the person’s life. They feel ashamed, embarrassed, and unable to help or stop themselves from “collecting”. There is no need to feel that way when you call 11th Hour, Inc. to come and assist cleaning out the hoard. We are discreet, non-judgmental, and sincerely want to help return the house to an acceptable, livable, function able, home.

 Why Choose Us to Clean Up in Plymouth, MN

All our technicians are properly trained and experienced with hoarding situations and are compassionate and caring. With over 10 years’ experience there is little we have not seen or cleaned. Our cleaning and disposal procedures follow all OHSA, State, Federal, and Local laws. Many companies do this on a part time basis, but this is our career. We also offer different options for the cleaning. Option one: Everything can be cleared out and disposed of and then the house will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized. Option two: We use a marked four bin system, save, donate, sell, and dispose of. Bins will always be filled as directed by you. Option three: pack up everything into bins to be moved and stored for a later sorting date. Option four: any combination of the above or any other manner in which you wish us to work. Any of the options we offer include making the home safe, clean, sanitary, and disinfected for re-entry. Plus we assure you all items will be handled with care.

Expert Hoarding Cleaning for All Situations

Whether for you, a friend, or a family member we can help. Homes, businesses, storage units, garages, or mobile homes, anywhere there is clutter 11th Hour can help. We can professionally handle any size hoarding clean-up, clutter removal, gross filth, or trashed property. We will work with you, your family, social services, and/or city officials if you need to comply with any orders they may have issued. Please don’t be embarrassed, ashamed, or afraid to call us.

If you are in the Plymouth MN area and need assistance with hoarding/clutter cleaning call 612-251-3275, we are here 24/7. Call for a free consultation, or if you are seeking advice on a hoarding situation. We are here, and our customers are our number one priority.