hoarding2Hoarding: To amass a large amount of stuff, usually useful things but far too many. Hoarding Disorder: A medical condition in which a person has difficulty parting or discarding possessions; valuable or otherwise. This is because they feel a need to save said items and actually feel distress with discarding or getting rid of them. On an emotional level, this distress is similar to a family member loss. A hoarding disorder is also considered as a purely hoarding issue if no other mental issues are present and it isn’t the result of a brain/head injury. To be classified as hoarding belongings must clutter living areas and changes the actual items intended use. Many times there will also be actual rubbish being hoarding too. These cluttered areas must be returned to a safe, habitable, and functional condition. Generally, this only happens when help is given through a family member, law enforcement, county authorities, or a hired hoarding cleaning crew.

Understanding Hoarding is Key to Cleanup

Has the hoarder acquired an excessive amount of personal belongings, rubbish, or “special” collections? Are all these items needed? Is there no room to place any other items? Is the home in an unsafe, unhealthy, unfunctional condition? If the answer to any one of these questions is yes, we must inquire, does the hoarder understand that there is a problem? If not are they completely in denial of the problem? In both scenarios it is highly recommended to find psychiatric help for the hoarder, so the hoard can properly be addressed in the least stressful manner as possible. If you are a family member, friend, or property owner looking at a massive hoard right now and reading this blog know that there are companies that specialize in the clean-up of hoarded properties. 11th Hour, Inc. is one of these specialized cleaning companies.

Knowledgeable Discrete Nonjudgmental Cleaners

The last thing most families or owners want is everyone in the neighborhood to know that someone in their house was a hoarder, especially with the increase of hoarding shows being shown on TV. At 11th hour we make it look as if we are just typical movers or clearing out a house after someone left. All pictures taken are used for billing purposes and never used on the website without expressed written approval. No one needs nor wants a circus of people being nosey because they don’t have anything better to do. We completely respect your privacy and go out of our way to preserve it. In addition, all our technicians are trained in the issues surrounding hoarding. This allows our entire company to make no judgements about the hoarder. We understand, there is no need to be ashamed, embarrassed, or feel bad about calling for help. The important first step is to call us, we can and we will help you.


If you want a hoarding cleanup company that is built around understanding and respecting people call us locally 24/7 in Wisconsin at 414-509-0147. We take most forms of payment including major credit cards, money orders, and checks.