Homicide Bloomington, MNUnfortunately, this year one homicide has occurred in Bloomington, Minnesota. Fortunately, there are many companies specializing in crime scene cleanup. How do you know which company to choose while dealing with the stress and grievance of your immediate loss? How do you decide which company has your best interests in mind and is looking out for you? Who can you trust to bill you fairly in a situation that will most likely NEVER occur again in your lifetime?

11 Hour Inc. Cleaners

11th Hour is relatively new as a company, but our team was built out of some of the largest homicide clean-up companies nationwide. Our company’s founder used his 10+ years of training, certifications, learning the trade, working with families, assisting with insurance claims, and the larger crime scene companies. His conclusion was that ethically and morally things weren’t being done properly. People were being overcharged, consideration wasn’t foremost for the grieving families, and employees were being treated poorly. Something had to change and then 11th Hour was borne.

Homicide Crime Scene Cleaning

Here at 11th Hour we believe in being open and honest with all of our clean-up procedures, no smoke and mirrors. You get to know why we do it, how we do it, and the reasons we are doing it. Homicide crime scene cleaning is very similar to other blood and bodily fluid cleanings. The main difference is the breadth or scope of the work. Depending on where the homicide starts and ends can cause a drastic change in work needing to be done. Also depending on whom the situation happened to can change everything. Cleanup can be held up by the family, lawyers, insurance, or even the police that handled the original homicide call. Once we receive a call for cleaning the homicide, and the scene is cleared for entrance, we usually start with a photo assessment and measurements of all rooms involved in the homicide. In this stage the technician sent out will ask some questions that are pertinent to this case and try to preemptively answer things you need to know about the cleanup and what gets done. Sometimes if we know that the homicide site is not to be cleaned right away due to litigation or any other reason we will suggest steps to minimize cross contamination and keep costs low for insurance or the family involved. All of this remains confidential. People may know what we do for work but no one knows why or for whom we are doing it. Privacy is very important especially in homicides because we want the family/business to return to normalcy as quickly as possible. After the original assessment is done a job estimate is sent out from the office, and we work with your insurance company. Total completion on homicide cleanup ranges from two days to two weeks but usually we are finished in under a week.


If you are dealing with homicide, suicide, or an unattended death anywhere in Minnesota: call 11th Hour at 612-255-6384or 952-261-4248. We will be happy to help you any time or day with any concerns you might be having and to setup a free consultation.