Homicide Horace NDHomicide rates in North Dakota have been on the rise since 2009. This was also when the state first started growing again due to the oil boom.  The last time North Dakotas population was as high as it is now being 1984, while the homicide rate was much lower. Between 2011 and 2014 87 murders were recorded. Cross comparing 1982 – 1985 had a total of 34 murders. This means that the homicide rate recently is more than double the average for the same/similar population in North Dakota.

11th Hour Crime Scene Cleaners

Allow us to assume that you got here to a cleanup blog because you got a bon-a-fide homicide crime scene to clean. First we would like to say we are sorry you are going through this. You’ve probably got the news circus, the cop investigation, inquisitive neighbors, insurance claims to deal with, and then finally restoring the property.  11th Hour is here to help get life back to normal and return the property back to a safe condition for humans and animals alike. We have the knowledge, the means, the training, the experience, and the compassion required to properly clean this crime scene. We are here to help you and will assist you in any way possible.

Professional Cleanup Discretely

Here at 11th Hour we deal with the cleanup of all sorts of death related blood and bodily fluid incidents. Because we do this all year long we realize that your privacy is very important to you. We don’t share pictures taken of the scene or post them on site.  We won’t be talking to your neighbors explaining what happened. Confidentiality is very important to us. Our focus is on restoring the property to a safe, sterile environment in as respectful way as possible to guard your privacy.

After the homicide scene is released by police call us to set up an appointment. We will walk you through filing an insurance claim, from that point on we will work directly with your insurance company making sure they receive all the documentation they require to settle the claim. Your only out of pocket expense will be your deductible. In the rare instance there is no insurance coverage we accept checks and credit cards. We will gladly answer all your questions and explain our process to you. 11th Hour phones are answered 24/7. 701-732-8988. We take all forms of credit cards and work with all insurance.