homicide plymouthIn MN the homicide/murder rate has been on the increase the last few years and is currently the highest it has ever been. If you are the family, friend, or loved one of a victim, 11th Hour is here to help you. We know this is a terrible time for you, emotions are running rampant, questions are going unanswered, and the details of all the final arrangements are left for you to decide. Cleaning the homicide site is one thing you should not and do not need to even consider cleaning. The majority of homicide/murder scenes contain blood and possibly other bodily fluids, and these are classified as bio-hazard materials. Federal, State, Local, and OSHA have specific rules and regulations where bio-hazard cleaning and disposal are concerned. We comply with all these regulations while cleaning the crime scene. We will take care of it. You should be with loved ones to support and comfort one another during this difficult time. Leave cleaning and disposal to us, the professionals.

MN Professional Murder Scene Clean-Up

With over 10 years’ experience, there is little we have not seen or cleaned. Our technicians are all highly trained and experienced in this particular field. Our equipment is top of the line and always properly maintained. Our protective coverings are the best in the industry, and we only use industry approved cleaners, sanitizers, deodorizers, and disinfectants. We are not a janitorial company, we are bio-hazard technicians, and we know and perform the correct procedures for cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, deodorizing, and disposal of bio-hazard materials. Our goal is to return the property back to its original condition as closely as possible. Again, please remember no family, friend, co-worker, or loved one should attempt to clean the crime scene. We are here, we want to help.

Call Us, We Care, We Are Minnesota Crime Scene Cleaners

We are sincerely sorry for your loss and we wish you peace. We are a compassionate company, founded on the premise that grieving victims need a company that cares about them as people. We don’t see you as just a job, you are a family, friend, or loved one of someone whose life was tragically taken. During this time the nosy, the curious, the media, and the genuinely interested people come out of the woodwork. We are discreet, no one from 11th Hour will ever talk to anyone about your situation. You are entitled to your privacy, and you should be the one to decide who and when you want to talk, if at all.

Call us, we can assist you, we are here 24/7, we service all of Minnesota. (612) 255-6384