Homicide Cleanup Chicago IllinoisWhen a homicide takes place on your property, it can be a challenging, if not impossible, task to clean up the remnants of the murder yourself. Whether it’s your home, business, or other property, homicide cleanups are never pleasant experiences, especially when you’re dealing with any remaining evidence. Particularly for families of the deceased, homicide site cleanups can be emotionally challenging, making moving forward even more difficult than it needs to be. That’s why 11th Hour wants to help you avoid the pain of a crime scene cleanup by offering Chicago, IL homicide cleanups to anyone looking to avoid completing the harrowing task themselves. With our help, you can move forward without having to confront any evidence of violence or the specific struggle or events leading up to a loved one’s death. Let us help you lessen the trauma following a homicide, and leave the murder cleanup to us so that you can focus on healing, not looking back.

Safe and Thorough Murder Cleanup Services

When cleaning up a homicide site, you never know when you might come into contact with dangerous fluids or substances, and you likely don’t have any idea how to clean up evidence that can stain furniture or carpets and leave lasting damage if not properly treated. At 11th Hour, we have enough experience with homicide cleanups to know that different substances require different cleaning solutions and procedures. To be sure that your property receives the right cleaning treatments and safe homicide cleanup chemicals, trust in the homicide cleanup professionals. That way, you won’t have to deal with the guesswork of wondering which cleaning supplies will be effective on which substances, and whether you’ll need any special cleaning supplies for dangerous chemicals that could have been left behind at a crime scene. We’ll also be sure to clean up any remnants of the homicide investigation or site examination, cleaning finger print dust, cross-contaminated chemicals or fluids, and even substances like tear gas.

Insurance-Covered Cleanup Company

One of the many reasons people often clean their own properties following a homicide is that they don’t realize that they won’t have to pay for a crime scene cleanup themselves. In all actuality, if you find an insurance-approved homicide cleanup company, you’ll be able to facilitate an insurance-covered homicide cleanup, saving you more money than if you were to buy the cleaning supplies to take on the task yourself. Our homicide site cleanup crew will work directly with your insurance company to be sure that your insurance company pays for the entire cost of the homicide cleanup. Even without insurance, though, we’ll make sure you receive the most affordable homicide cleanup service you can. With 11th Hour, you can count on a Chicago, Illinois homicide cleanup company that makes you a priority, helping you move forward following a homicide without having to think about the aftermath. Contact us at 773-683-1308, and make a homicide cleanup less painful and more affordable for yourself.