crime scene lincoln ndThe US as a whole is averaging 3.8 people murdered per thousand residents. Wisconsin has a slightly lower homicide rate compared to the rest of the US. Appleton has an even lower rate at .01 per thousand. A very quick online search will pop up two events that recently occurred. The oldest was in December 2013 involving a nightclub shooting. The other was as recent as this year; an attempted homicide. Thankfully the woman lived.

Television Shows Ignore Crime Scene Cleaning

Homicide is very infrequent. First thoughts that come to mind on this topic would probably include; policemen, lawyers, victim(s), judges, television, and grieving family, to name a few. No one thinks it could happen to them or someone they know.  On television shows (usually popular law enforcement programs) most of these people are who we see, almost always in unique situations, leaving us to believe the majority of us will never have to experience a sudden loss this way. However; television doesn’t show the whole story, the victim is removed and the investigation begins. What happens to the crime scene? We never see any scene being cleaned. Blood and bodily fluids are left exactly where they were. Sometimes these crime scenes stay this way for a long time, which actually makes the cleaning that much harder to do. Who cleans up these bio-hazardous environments? Who is responsible for ensuring everything is safe again?

Choose the Best Crime Scene Cleaners

If you made it to this page you are on the right track. Part of the process you don’t see on television is handled by us. We actually prefer it this way. Our goal is to provide quality service with minimum impact on your life. We believe any form of death should be handled in a discrete, caring, and professional way. Our teams are trained and certified to handle anything with blood/bodily fluid cleanup, bio-hazardous waste, and many other infectious diseases that can occur from a crime scene. These are all things you should never expose yourself, family, or friends to. 11th Hour, Inc. is not the only crime scene cleaning company,  but we are the only company that has the experience you need when you need it. We will walk you through everything we need to do so the scene will be returned to its original condition. Our staff is always on call for emergencies.

If you need guidance, assistance, or just information call 11th Hour Inc. at 414-509-0147. Our phone lines are available 24/7 and we will happy to help you.