A sad reality of the world we live in today is crime rates and suicides are climbing up at an alarming pace. 11th Hour, Inc. is here to help you if you are a victim or family member of someone who has been the subject of crime. We clean all bio-hazard sites: murder, suicide, accidents, tear-gas, violent rape, unattended deaths, industrial accidents, mass trauma, and many types of hazardous sites. We will clean wherever, whenever you need us. This is a difficult time, and we know the scene can be horrifying. We offer our sincere condolences, and offer you the comfort of knowing we can clean the scene, often returning it to its original condition. If you live in the Hopkins, MN area call us 24/7 and a professional, certified crime scene cleaning team with be dispatched to assist you.

Why Choose 11th Hour Crime Scene Cleaning Crews

Cleaning crime scenes in Minnesota is the specialty of the employees at 11th Hour, Inc. Victims and/or family members are not in a position to clean the crime scene, they should not be expected to face the scene at this painful time. Also, there are several industry standards set by local, state, federal authorities and OSHA that must be adhered to. We have 10 years’ experience, we have seen and cleaned all types of scenes, big and small. We know and always follow all guidelines for cleaning and disposing of bio-hazard and other hazardous materials. Often these scenes contain blood and bodily fluids, these can carry many diseases and should never be handled by family members or friends. You need a certified team who will show you the utmost compassion, care, and professionalism. We promise you this is exactly what you will receive from the experts at 11th Hour, Inc.

Contact 11th Hour, Inc. 24/7, 365 Days a Year

We will answer any questions and concerns you may have. We will also explain our procedures to you and keep you informed every step of the way. We can also assist you in working with your insurance coverage (if the crime scene is covered), and will supply all necessary documents and other information requested by the adjuster. If it is not covered by insurance, we accept all major credit, checks, and cash. We can often direct you to community services that may be able to offer some assistance.

Call us, we can assist you, we want to help you, we are here 24/7 and we service all of Minnesota. (612) 255-6384